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Looking to start your own carpet cleaning business? Consider investing in a profitable commercial cleaning franchise for an opportunity to start your career with low start-up costs, low-risks, and patented technology that simply cleans better.

ZEROREZ®: Revolutionizing The Industry with Better Technology

Though the demand for safe, effective cleaning products is on the rise, a majority of options available in the market are the same products consumers have been using for more than eight decades.  Most of these products used by traditional carpet cleaning companies result in the same, less-optimal results like the “flood and suck” method that leaves carpets wet and crunchy, or the “spit and shine” method that often hides soil by buffing it across a wider area.

Both of these options often use chemicals that cause health concerns for families with children or pets. Furthermore, nearly  30% of carpet cleaning detergents and fluids leave a soapy residue which then attracts dirt—leaving surfaces dirtier, faster!

ZEROREZ®  uses patented, next-generation carpet cleaning technology to revolutionize the way homeowners approach cleaning. As a franchise owner, you have the power to build the future you want while providing customers with a green cleaning alternative that is both effective and lasts longer than traditional products.

Two powerful things about being a ZEROREZ® Franchisee is the relationship with other Franchisees and the cleaning power of Empowered Water™. The other Franchisees are willing to help you be successful, and the Empowered Water™ is part of the ‘magic’ that helps customers choose ZEROREZ® each time they need their carpets and living surfaces cleaned.

—Casey Ashdown, Owner, ZEROREZ® Phoenix and ZEROREZ® Tucson

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Franchise

With your own ZEROREZ® Carpet Cleaning Franchise,
you become the trusted company homeowners call.   

Owning A ZEROREZ® Commercial Carpet Cleaning Franchise

As an advanced commercial carpet cleaning franchise, ZEROREZ® is the nation’s leading commercial cleaning company that holds the patent to cutting-edge surface-cleaning technology.  These features mean higher revenue for our franchise owners, who enjoy an unsurpassed 80%-plus Net Promoter Score rating and a valuable base of satisfied customers.

ZEROREZ® provides customers with quick-drying, clean, soft carpet and upholstery that is delivered by friendly, professional technicians. Once they’ve experienced the ZEROREZ® difference, customers gain trust in your brand and develop a loyalty they share with friends, family, and neighbors. The increased demand for green cleaning solutions increases the potential for gaining a loyal customer base and attracting new clients. Each new ZEROREZ® client you gain brings your franchise an average five-figure value.

ZEROREZ® is poised to dominate the commercial cleaning industry, and now you have the chance to be a part of this exciting trend.

Yes, we’re the greenest, cleanest carpet cleaning company. Yet, the ZEROREZ® technology provides a better clean for many types of flooring, upholstery, grout and tile, granite and a wide-range of other services–expanding your market potential throughout your area.

What’s The Investment?

ZEROREZ® technology provides a better cleaning solution for anything from  flooring, upholstery, grout and tile, granite and a wide-range of other services. As the greenest, cleanest carpet cleaning company, ZEROREZ®  gives you the potential to grow a reputable market throughout your area.

Our comprehensive model for success supports the growth of our carpet cleaning franchise owners by offering industry advantages, such as:

    • Patented Cleaning Technology: Our franchise owners are equipped to outperform the competition in service quality from the very beginning. Our exclusive technology, utilizing patented Empowered Water™, delivers a deeper clean so carpets and upholstery dry fast and stay soft and cleaner longer.
    • Brand Reputation: The traditional carpet cleaning industry relies on outdated technology that  leaves customers feeling like they have no option but to settle with unprofessional individuals and unsatisfactory results. We are recognized for both superior technology, outstanding service and a growing reputation as a reliable and effective cleaning company. As a franchisee, this reputation will benefit you from the day you open your business’ doors.
    • Training and Support: Our first-rate training is a primary factor in our franchise satisfaction rates.  Regardless of your experience in the business industry, ZEROREZ®   offers start-up training that gives you the in-depth knowledge of products, service initiatives, and business training you need to avoid making common mistakes and giving you the resources to succeed faster.
  • Technologically Advanced Business Systems: While our cleaning technology is unmatched, our operational technology is equally as powerful in helping our franchise owners be more efficient and successful while growing faster.
  • Proven Marketing Strategies: ZEROREZ® offers a proven marketing model that helps you gain a competitive advantage from the start.  Our unique marketing approach and tools help you make your marketing budget impactful and build your customer base quickly.
  • Support for Your Success: Our carpet cleaning franchise support team is comprised of experienced industry experts who are fully committed to the success of ZEROREZ®  franchise owners.  We are continually working to achieve the highest franchisee satisfaction while supporting a culture of collaboration among owners, meaning you’ll have the support and community you need to ensure your carpet cleaning company is a success.

The cost of learning the hard way with slower growth and outdated technology far outweighs the affordable ZEROREZ® franchise investment. Instead, you can quickly tap into a proven system that helps you reach your highest potential as an entrepreneur in a growing industry.


What You Receive As A ZEROREZ® Franchisee

Launching an independent commercial cleaning company is a massive undertaking that demands substantial funds in overhead costs and reliable technology, and often takes a significant time to grow. By investing in the ZEROREZ®  franchise, however, you can quickly tap into a proven system that helps you reach your highest potential as an entrepreneur in a successful, growing industry.

Why Choose A ZEROREZ® Carpet Cleaning Franchise?

By joining the ZEROREZ® franchise family, you can bring the very latest, exclusive technology to your hometown and leverage the growing demand for effective, green cleaning solutions. This significant marketing potential, combined with our time-tested systems and platforms, allows your carpet cleaning company to reach new customers effectively and run an efficient business.

Do I Need Experience In The Commercial Cleaning Industry?  

ZEROREZ® makes owning a successful business more attainable than ever, regardless of your experience in the industry.  With excellent revenue potential, low start-up costs, reliable franchise support, growing brand recognition, and comprehensive training, ZEROREZ® gives you the ultimate platform for success. When paired with your commitment and hard work, the support from ZEROREZ®  gives you the power to build the future you want.

I’m thinking about starting a carpet cleaning company on my own, why do I need ZEROREZ®?

At ZEROREZ®, we don’t simply offer our franchise owners a good idea and a business plan.  We offer exclusive rights in your area to use an unsurpassed, patented technology that consumers are looking for.  Our training, support, brand strength and business operations systems help you avoid common pitfalls and prevent lost time.  Finally, our business model is designed to help you become more profitable and grow faster than most can do on their own.

Why ZEROREZ®  Is Leading The Carpet Cleaning Industry

Like many industries, establishing a prosperous cleaning business can be difficult and in the face of tough competition, having an established, reputable brand backing your carpet cleaning company is key for success.

Are you still on the fence about committing to a career as a ZEROREZ®  franchisee? Review these common subjects on why choosing the commercial carpet cleaning industry is right for you.

          • The ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning companies offers both affordable start up and low overhead costs.  Expenses quickly accumulate when starting a new business, but our system helps you reduce these costs while also providing models that grow along with you.  As a ZEROREZ®  franchisee, your new business will begin to grow revenue earlier than if you’d ventured out alone.
          • Increasing customer demand for professional cleaning services expands your profit potential. There are countless homes in your territory in need of regular, deep cleanings that could benefit from the professional services your cleaning company offers. In today’s busy world, more and more middle-class households outsource home cleaning services in order to spend time on things of greater importance.
          • ZEROREZ®  promises consistent performance in any economy, giving homeowners an affordable solution to common, regular cleaning demands. Even in the event of tight financials, the need for a clean, comfortable home remains a priority. To some extent, this protects our franchise owners from economic swings.
          • As a  franchisee, you’re promised a positive home and work environment. At ZEROREZ®, the good work we do makes customers happy which, in turn, makes for satisfied business owners. Once our customers see the difference between what we do and what they’ve had to settle for in the past, we are not just another service company, but a welcome guest.  On a company level, we also nurture the same culture of positive contribution and collaboration where we celebrate success as a team.

Benefits Of Owning A ZEROREZ® Business

Do you think that investing in a ZEROREZ®  business is the right move for you? Below are some of the leading advantages of getting involved in a leading commercial cleaning franchise.

  • The Right Franchise Makes Good Business Sense:

While not every franchise offers patented technology and proven support, ZEROREZ® offers the best of the franchise model. Franchising with our team gives you access to cutting edge cleaning technology while allowing your new business to grow faster toward a greater return on your investment.  Whether you are an owner-operator, investor/manager, or a regional developer, every step of the process is more efficient with a proven technology and brand.

  • Simple Success

The ZEROREZ® system provides you with a turn-key plan without the guesswork and delays from missteps.  Your franchise fee includes all the strategic plans, training, support, marketing expertise and network that you need to build the future you envision.

  • Instant Credibility

Our established brand provides your customers with greater peace of mind over the risk of going with a one-man show, a mom-and-pop operation, or even larger brands that rely heavily on chemicals.  The ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning companies opportunity also provides you with System buying power and preferred providers that the solo business owner can’t access on their own.

All ZEROREZ® franchise owners are motivated, hard-working entrepreneurs and/or investors who value technology and enjoy leading their industry. These individuals seek individual success while being part of a bigger network of successful business owners. In our industry, we give you the option to become one of  two types of owners:

  • TERRITORY OWNERS own a single territory with the aim to dominate their market, generally as an owner-operator.  These owners have solid business experience in a related industry and meet minimum net worth and liquidity requirements.
  • REGIONAL DEVELOPERS seek to develop the ZEROREZ brand throughout a larger regional market and have a proven history of success implementing new concepts into a market.  These owners also meet higher business experience and financial standards.

To learn more about how to start your career as a franchise owner, or to request more information, visit ZEROREZ®  today.

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Casey and Nathan, Owners of Zerorez Phoenix

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