Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Leading Carpet Cleaning Franchise Reminds Homeowners of the Benefits of Having Your Carpets Cleaned Before the Holidays


SALT LAKE CITY– The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes holiday parties, get togethers, and opportunities for friends and family to gather at your home. Zerorez®, a popular carpet cleaning franchise, reminds homeowners not to forget their carpets as they clean and prepare their homes for the holiday season.

“Though cleaning the carpet may not be on your priority list of things to get done before hosting the holiday party, having it cleaned enhances the room, and says a lot about the overall cleanliness of the home,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. “Regularly cleaning your carpet extends the life of the carpet, and can even help maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.”

With increased foot traffic and hours of baking, prepping and cooking in preparations for your gatherings, the chances of spills and stains in the home increase dramatically. Clean carpets make it easier to clean up any messes that occur as any food spilled will not adhere to existing dirt in the fibers of the carpet and become harder to remove. Cleaning the carpets also sanitizes them for any little ones that may be crawling around, and since Zerorez does not use any toxic or harsh chemicals, you can have peace of mind.

Zerorez® is introducing a revolutionary cleaning method to the carpet cleaning industry. With their patented cleaning system and relying on the power of their trademarked Empowered Water™, the company is able to achieve results without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Founded in 2001 by the owners of a property management company, Zerorez® became the alternative to traditional cleaning methods that make the carpet appear dirtier faster.

Today, Zerorez® offers carpet cleaning franchises for sale across the nation and gives franchisees the opportunity to be a part of the industry change.
For more information on Zerorez® and their Empowered Water™, visit the franchising website

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