To Buy a Franchise or Not? That is the Question.

When choosing to buy a carpet cleaning business for sale, or to go for the franchise, there are many factors that need to be considered. Here are the top five.

Security and Stability

As an independent business owner, you have the freedom to make decisions about product lines, and service offerings, but you also have to solely bear the stress of trial and error when introducing them to the market. As a part of a franchise enterprise, though you may sacrifice some of the freedom and flexibility of the decision making process, you in turn receive the security and stability that comes with knowing that the products or services you are offering have been tested and optimized for your market. You are also part of a larger organization that has provided you with a model for success.


Independent business owners will most likely incur higher start up fees and investments in the beginning than will a franchise owner. Franchise owners will pay ongoing royalty fees, but will also be spared of costly mistakes often made by new small business owners who choose to go it alone.



This is one element where franchisees definitely have the upper hand, as it takes time to build a brand that people know and trust. As a leader in our industry, when you choose to buy a carpet cleaning business for sale from ZEROREZ® you are choosing a brand that is known for being the the most effective and GREEN clean in the industry.


Resources, Support, Training

The franchise model makes it easier for first time and experienced business owners to start their franchise. A franchise system will provide extensive training, support and resources necessary to ensure your business is a success and lessen the learning curve. As an independent business owner, you alone wear all the hats in the company and will need to become familiar with marketing, human resources, operations, and still run the business cost effectively and productively.

Rates of Success

While it is possible for both independent businesses and franchises to be successful, franchise owners experience reduced risks due to being part of a company with a proven track record.
When it comes down to it, the decision of whether to buy a carpet cleaning business for sale or franchise can only be made by you. However, the benefits of franchising including the reduced risk are what drive many to choose the franchise option.

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