ZEROREZ® Carpet Cleaning Service Franchises Step Up Their Service with Key Customer Feedback System

Listen360 Services Help Franchise Owners Know Where Improvements Are Needed

Salt Lake City– ZEROREZ®, the national carpet and living services franchisor, is teaching its carpet cleaning service franchise owners how to step up their level of customer service by using the services provided by a state-of-the-art relationship management company, Listen360. The company uses a ‘Net Promoter Score,’ which gives carpet cleaning business franchise owners access to valuable customer data and a clear picture of the level of service being provided from a customer point of view.


“Utilizing the data received from Listen360 has been invaluable to our business,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer of  ZEROREZ® Franchising Systems, Inc. “Not only can we now focus better on our level of service and customer perception, but we can also have happy customers post recommendations directly to their social media accounts, and be alerted as soon as a negative review is posted. This gives us the opportunity to act, and correct the problem both quickly and efficiently. Since we began using Listen360, our quality of service has increased along with our rate of customer loyalty.”


Listen360 is a cloud based software program that does not require any installations or hardware. The proprietary software the company uses takes data received from customer surveys and paints a clear picture of which aspects of your business are working well and which need to be improved from a customer standpoint. The software also identifies a company’s happiest customers and prompts them to leave reviews on popular review sites including Google+ and Yelp. The company was founded in 2007 on the value of listening to customers and being able to address concerns as they arise. They now assist over 150 brands in more than 18,000 locations with increasing their customer loyalty rates.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proved to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has over 35 franchise locations.
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