How Does ZEROREZ® Compare with Other Commercial Cleaning Franchise opportunities?

Chances are if something can get dirty, someone is willing to pay you to get it clean again. The explosive growth of the commercial cleaning industry is proof to that statement. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, commercial cleaning franchise opportunities are among the fastest growing businesses in the US. How does ZEROREZ® fit in with the top commercial cleaning franchises? Let’s take a look.


Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Since 1984, Vanguard has built their commercial cleaning business while promoting the benefits of environmentally friendly cleaning. The brand has more than 3000 franchisees and continues to grow year after year. Vanguard offers a relatively low barrier to entry, and proved to be recession resistant as it continued to grow during times of economic downturn. While Vanguard continues to grow, their focus is more on janitorial services than other categories that fall under the commercial cleaning umbrella. Vanguard franchise owners enjoy flexible schedules, and the ability to operate the majority of their business from home.

Jan-Pro Franchising

Jan-Pro began franchising in 1992 and now has over 10,000 franchises nationwide. The company’s cleaning greener initiative emphasizes their use of fewer chemicals for a better clean. The startup fees for a commercial cleaning franchise with Jan-Pro is relatively low, and all franchise owners serve in the owner/operator capacity. The company’s main focus is on commercial cleaning services provided to car dealerships, banks, gyms, churches, schools and other office environments. Jan-Pro franchise owners also have the ability to run their business from a home office and enjoy the flexibility that cleaning services offer.


Similar to other commercial cleaning franchise opportunities, ZEROREZ® franchise owners can operate their business from home, and have flexibility with their schedules. We also pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company as we are the only carpet cleaning franchise that does not use harsh chemicals in our patented cleaning process. Our business model has also proven to be recession resistant as we continued to grow through economic hardships. While the commercial cleaning industry may seem saturated with business opportunities, the advantage that ZEROREZ® has over other commercial cleaning franchise opportunities is that we are more of a micro-niche. While we don’t provide janitorial services that some businesses are seeking, we do provide air duct and hard surfaces cleaning, tile, grout and upholstery cleaning as well as carpet cleaning services.

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