Battle of the Franchises, Round 4: ZEROREZ® Vs. Oxi Fresh

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ZEROREZ® is on a mission to become the best carpet cleaning franchise in the nation. To prove that we have what you want in a commercial cleaning franchise, we are taking on the top carpet cleaning companies in a battle of the franchises type challenge. These two contenders have a few things in common:


  • Both claim they are revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry by not relying on traditional cleaning methods
  • Both began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in the early 2000’s
  • Both are focused on serving their market with ‘green’ cleaning products


But, what differentiates the two is their cleaning methods.

Water Conservation

Oxi Fresh was founded in 2006, and experienced explosive growth in its early years. The company now has 233 franchise locations nationwide and is becoming a recognized household brand. Their method of cleaning focuses on the conservation of water, and uses a low moisture method instead of extraction. While this cleaning process saves water over other carpet cleaning companies that flood the carpets, it is typically used by the commercial industry as a way to maintain carpets between cleanings, not to replace regular deep cleaning.


The Oxi Fresh method of absorption includes applying a dry chemical compound to the surface of the carpet, agitating it with one of their cleaning machines to absorb soils, and leaving the compound to be removed when the home or business owner vacuums. Adding the compound to the carpet will eventually cause it to build up in the carpet fibers, especially when no extraction method is used.


Oxi Fresh has sought out certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), and was awarded bronze level. This certification tests for the effectiveness of removing soils and if there is any physical change to the carpet’s appearance after the cleaning method is used. While this certification is a great tool, bronze level is the lowest awarded and indicates the system may not be as effective at removing soils, and may alter the carpet appearance in the process.

Empowered Water™

ZEROREZ® features Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent and remove soils, stains and soil-attracting residue from deep within the carpet fibers. Our revolutionary method of cleaning is what has earned us platinum level of certification with CRI-the highest level available. Not only do our carpets stay looking cleaner, longer, but we are also able to remove residue left by other carpet cleaning companies.


ZEROREZ® currently has 42 territories nationwide, and is working to expand our brand and become the most trusted provider in the industry. Our non-toxic free cleaning process, free of soaps and detergents,  is what is earning the trust of more customers each year as they experience The Right Way to Clean®.

Battle of the Franchises, Round 3: ZEROREZ® Vs. COIT

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If you have ever wondered how to start a carpet cleaning business, you understand the importance of research before jumping into an opportunity. At ZEROREZ®, our mission is to become the most trusted floor cleaning franchise in the industry, and to do this, we are taking on our biggest competitors in a battle of the franchises. Today’s opponent, COIT, began as a dry cleaning business and expanded from there. Though they market themselves as having 65 years of excellence, is their version of excellence enough to compete with The Right Way to Clean® boasted by ZEROREZ®?

Excellence Defined

When founder of COIT began offering drapery cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee at his dry cleaning shop, his business changed. More cleaning services were added, and by 1962 the company began franchising with their customers relying on the same satisfaction guarantee. They have since grown to include 50 franchise locations across the nation and are continuing to search for franchise owners to operate in an exclusive territory.


Though COIT markets themselves as a leader in the industry, they have not been certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) which is used by consumers to make informed decisions about companies who will clean the carpets in accordance to the manufacturer’s warranty. COIT also utilizes the traditional method for cleaning carpets which involves using harsh chemicals followed by hot water extraction. Though this is the method used by many carpet cleaning companies across the nation, it has proven to be ineffective as it leaves soil attracting residue in the carpet fibers and makes the carpets appear dirtier faster.

Changing the Standards for Excellence

In comparison of longevity, ZEROREZ® is a much newer company, but has figured out The Right Way to Clean® carpets. Our patented cleaning method features Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent and remove soil and stains from carpet without the use of toxic chemicals. This method of cleaning appeals especially to the eco-conscious consumer, and even removes residue left behind by other carpet cleaning companies.
ZEROREZ® is certified by CRI at a Platinum level-the highest rating possible, and is the greenest, most efficient way to clean carpets. We currently have 42 territories across the nation and are on the lookout for franchise partners who are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service in the industry. Our floor cleaning franchise owners also enjoy exclusive territories, and the opportunity to raise the standards of excellence in the industry.

ZEROREZ® Issues Ten Tips for How To Start a Carpet Cleaning Business, It’s Not as Difficult as Some People Make It

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SALT LAKE CITY – ZEROREZ®, a national carpet cleaning franchise, has issued a top ten list of tips for those wondering how to start a carpet cleaning business. The carpet cleaning industry boasts over 40,000 companies to choose from, and offers tremendous potential for growth, with no brand claiming more than 2% market share.


As the trend to hire out cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning franchise grows, owning a carpet cleaning business becomes a more valuable investment. According to the company, there are several steps that can help aspiring carpet cleaning business entrepreneurs to be more successful, whether or not they choose to create a successful carpet cleaning business as a ZEROREZ® franchise owner.


“The first priority at ZEROREZ®is to help create successful franchise owners,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. “We value our franchise relationships and strive to find partners who share our vision to become the most trusted provider in the industry. To find more qualified franchise owners, we have compiled our top ten list of tips for how to start a carpet cleaning business.”


The top ten tips from ZEROREZ®include:

  1. Research carpet cleaning methods and get up to date on the newest technologies, don’t simply rely on what has been done in the past
  2. Recognize the growing demand for green cleaning options and the benefits of cleaning without toxic chemicals
  3. Research your local market to assess demand and competitive factors.
  4. Study up on the latest digital and traditional marketing methods to help grow your business
  5. Make sure that you have a robust training system in place to help provide consistent service even as you grow
  6. Foster positive reviews and maintain high customer service levels to mitigate negative online feedback
  7. Identify local business partners that can refer you to potential customers
  8. Invest in strengthening your brand across the local market
  9. Become Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Certified as well as receiving Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  10. Consider a proven franchise system versus going it alone to help shorten your learning curve on marketing, training, branding, reviews, and operations while saving on supplies and equipment.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proved to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has 42 franchise locations.


To learn more about franchise opportunities with ZEROREZ®, visit their website

Battle of the Franchises, Round Two: ZEROREZ® Vs. Stanley Steemer

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At ZEROREZ®, we are on a mission to prove that not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Our carpet cleaning franchises take on some of the biggest brands in the nation in the battle of the franchises, and have found that bigger doesn’t always mean better. In this round, we take on Stanley Steemer. Other than the fact that we both offer carpet cleaning franchises and have both been certified as Platinum level cleaners from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), ZEROREZ® and Stanley don’t have much in common.

The Big Yellow Vans

Stanley Steemer is one of the oldest carpet cleaning companies in the nation, dating back to 1947. The company boasts over 300 franchise locations in 48 states and is constantly seeking for dedicated franchise owners to help them continue to grow their brand. Their trademarked yellow vans make it easy to know when Stanley is in your neighborhood.


Stanley technicians use hot water extraction as their primary method of cleaning. This method includes the use of several types of shampoos, detergents and harsh chemicals that get left behind in the carpet fibers and leaving a sticky residue that then attracts more dirt, making the carpets appear dirtier, faster. In an effort to extract these toxic chemicals, they use more water, which makes the carpets take longer to dry than they should. Not only are their dry times longer than other carpet cleaning companies on the market, but their service windows are longer, often leading to more frustrated customers.

The Greener Clean

Though in comparison ZEROREZ® is a young company, we still find ways to stand out among our competition and prove that bigger is not always better.


When our founders began looking for a better way to clean carpets, it was because they had tried every service available in their market and every time they had extended dry times, and spots would reappear quickly. Through their research they found that this is mainly due to the use of harsh or toxic chemicals used during the cleaning process. These chemicals are left behind as a residue in the carpet fibers and attract more soil to make the carpets appear dirtier faster. Instead of relying on outdated technology to help in our cleaning process, ZEROREZ® uses a completely different method of cleaning that not only leaves the carpets cleaner longer, but also removes residue left behind by other cleaning companies.


ZEROREZ® currently has 42 active territories and is searching for franchise owners who are dedicated to dominating their market, and bringing our new technology to eco friendly consumers. though it is true that Stanley has us beat in terms of size, quality always wins over quantity.

ZEROREZ® Carpet Cleaning Services Franchise Launches New Website for Entrepreneurs Looking to Start Carpet Cleaning Companies

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SALT LAKE CITY- ZEROREZ®, one of the nation’s leading carpet cleaning companies, announced the launching of their new franchising website: Visitors to the site will discover what makes ZEROREZ® different from other carpet cleaning companies, review the history of the company, and learn more about the carpet cleaning services franchise opportunity.


“The new website, along with our social media efforts, will help increase awareness about ZEROREZ® and the carpet cleaning services franchise opportunity we offer,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. “We’ve provided a simple, yet efficient user experience so that those interested in franchise opportunities with us can learn more about our company culture, history and the expectations of a franchisee or regional development partner.”


In 2016, ZEROREZ® plans to build on the success they experienced over the past year by offering franchise opportunities across the nation. The company currently operates in over 40 markets nationwide and is raising awareness about their revolutionary cleaning process. The new website features details on their patented cleaning process, the history of the brand, general information on the carpet cleaning industry, and information for prospective franchise owners.


ZEROREZ® was founded when John Hopkins and Gaylord Karren were running a property management company in Texas, where they found their biggest frustration was how to keep the carpets clean without damaging the fibers and having to replace the carpets too frequently. After trying every solution they could think of and spending more on carpet replacements than on payroll, they knew there had to be a better way to clean. The two discovered that traditional carpet cleaning companies were using detergents or harsh chemicals in their cleaning process which would get left behind in the carpet fibers, creating a sticky soil-attracting residue that would make the carpets appear dirtier faster.


After researching, ZEROREZ® was founded in 2000 with their patented cleaning system that features Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent and produce cleaner carpets with lesser dry times than traditional carpet cleaners. By not relying on harsh chemicals, ZEROREZ® produces a truly green, cleaner clean.


To learn more about carpet cleaning services franchise opportunities with ZEROREZ®, visit their new website

Battle of the Franchises: ZEROREZ® Vs. Chem Dry

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If Chem-Dry and ZEROREZ® were in a boxing match, who would be determined the winner?


When merely glanced over, the two carpet cleaning services franchise companies have a lot in common including:

  • Both are focused on green cleaning products
  • Neither leaves behind soil-attracting residue to attract more dirt and make carpets appear dirtier faster
  • Both provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Both companies have received a Platinum rating from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI)
  • Founders of both companies found themselves frustrated with carpet cleaning options available, as they left carpets wet for extended periods of time, and stains would re-appeared quickly. These owners set out to find a better way to clean carpets and solve these industry wide complaints.  


Aside from these things, the two brands are quite different.

Look a Little Deeper…

Chem Dry was founded in 1977 when Robert Harris began experimenting with the effects carbonated water would have on cleaning carpets. Since that time, the company has grown to include over 3,000 carpet cleaning service franchise locations worldwide. Chem-Dry does not offer exclusive territories meaning that customers have their pick of which franchise to use in their area. They also have a flat royalty fee per month rather than a select percentage, and their in-house financing allows a franchise partner to begin their business for as little as $42,000– depending on the type of equipment they select for their business. Chem-Dry does not offer online scheduling, and is one of the most expensive cleaning companies for the consumer. While the services offered are the same categories offered by ZEROREZ®, the focus at Chem-Dry is on a worldwide market rather than trying to dominate a smaller one nation wide. Chem-Dry is currently found in 34 states in the US market.

ZEROREZ® Continues to be the Stand Out Brand

Though we haven’t been around as long as Chem-Dry, ZEROREZ® still manages to stand out among our biggest competitors. While we currently have 42 operating territories, we are continuing to build our brand and reputation and will expand that number significantly in 2016. Our carpet cleaning service franchise owners focus on dominating in their exclusive territories and are not forced to compete with other ZEROREZ® franchise owners in their own market.


Our patented cleaning process features the use of Empowered Water™ to remove soil and stains from the customers carpet without causing extended dry times. We offer two ways for franchise partners to join our family-through becoming a territory owner, or becoming a regional developer. These choices give franchise partners the opportunity to grow and develop the business in the way they choose. Since we are currently focusing on dominating the US market, our marketing campaigns can be the same instead of having to translate them for different countries and cultures. While Chem-Dry may be our biggest competitor, we still find a way to be the stand out brand in the market.