Battle of the Franchises: ZEROREZ® Vs. Chem Dry

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If Chem-Dry and ZEROREZ® were in a boxing match, who would be determined the winner?


When merely glanced over, the two carpet cleaning services franchise companies have a lot in common including:

  • Both are focused on green cleaning products
  • Neither leaves behind soil-attracting residue to attract more dirt and make carpets appear dirtier faster
  • Both provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Both companies have received a Platinum rating from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI)
  • Founders of both companies found themselves frustrated with carpet cleaning options available, as they left carpets wet for extended periods of time, and stains would re-appeared quickly. These owners set out to find a better way to clean carpets and solve these industry wide complaints.  


Aside from these things, the two brands are quite different.

Look a Little Deeper…

Chem Dry was founded in 1977 when Robert Harris began experimenting with the effects carbonated water would have on cleaning carpets. Since that time, the company has grown to include over 3,000 carpet cleaning service franchise locations worldwide. Chem-Dry does not offer exclusive territories meaning that customers have their pick of which franchise to use in their area. They also have a flat royalty fee per month rather than a select percentage, and their in-house financing allows a franchise partner to begin their business for as little as $42,000– depending on the type of equipment they select for their business. Chem-Dry does not offer online scheduling, and is one of the most expensive cleaning companies for the consumer. While the services offered are the same categories offered by ZEROREZ®, the focus at Chem-Dry is on a worldwide market rather than trying to dominate a smaller one nation wide. Chem-Dry is currently found in 34 states in the US market.

ZEROREZ® Continues to be the Stand Out Brand

Though we haven’t been around as long as Chem-Dry, ZEROREZ® still manages to stand out among our biggest competitors. While we currently have 42 operating territories, we are continuing to build our brand and reputation and will expand that number significantly in 2016. Our carpet cleaning service franchise owners focus on dominating in their exclusive territories and are not forced to compete with other ZEROREZ® franchise owners in their own market.


Our patented cleaning process features the use of Empowered Water™ to remove soil and stains from the customers carpet without causing extended dry times. We offer two ways for franchise partners to join our family-through becoming a territory owner, or becoming a regional developer. These choices give franchise partners the opportunity to grow and develop the business in the way they choose. Since we are currently focusing on dominating the US market, our marketing campaigns can be the same instead of having to translate them for different countries and cultures. While Chem-Dry may be our biggest competitor, we still find a way to be the stand out brand in the market.

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