Battle of the Franchises, Round Two: ZEROREZ® Vs. Stanley Steemer

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At ZEROREZ®, we are on a mission to prove that not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. Our carpet cleaning franchises take on some of the biggest brands in the nation in the battle of the franchises, and have found that bigger doesn’t always mean better. In this round, we take on Stanley Steemer. Other than the fact that we both offer carpet cleaning franchises and have both been certified as Platinum level cleaners from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), ZEROREZ® and Stanley don’t have much in common.

The Big Yellow Vans

Stanley Steemer is one of the oldest carpet cleaning companies in the nation, dating back to 1947. The company boasts over 300 franchise locations in 48 states and is constantly seeking for dedicated franchise owners to help them continue to grow their brand. Their trademarked yellow vans make it easy to know when Stanley is in your neighborhood.


Stanley technicians use hot water extraction as their primary method of cleaning. This method includes the use of several types of shampoos, detergents and harsh chemicals that get left behind in the carpet fibers and leaving a sticky residue that then attracts more dirt, making the carpets appear dirtier, faster. In an effort to extract these toxic chemicals, they use more water, which makes the carpets take longer to dry than they should. Not only are their dry times longer than other carpet cleaning companies on the market, but their service windows are longer, often leading to more frustrated customers.

The Greener Clean

Though in comparison ZEROREZ® is a young company, we still find ways to stand out among our competition and prove that bigger is not always better.


When our founders began looking for a better way to clean carpets, it was because they had tried every service available in their market and every time they had extended dry times, and spots would reappear quickly. Through their research they found that this is mainly due to the use of harsh or toxic chemicals used during the cleaning process. These chemicals are left behind as a residue in the carpet fibers and attract more soil to make the carpets appear dirtier faster. Instead of relying on outdated technology to help in our cleaning process, ZEROREZ® uses a completely different method of cleaning that not only leaves the carpets cleaner longer, but also removes residue left behind by other cleaning companies.


ZEROREZ® currently has 42 active territories and is searching for franchise owners who are dedicated to dominating their market, and bringing our new technology to eco friendly consumers. though it is true that Stanley has us beat in terms of size, quality always wins over quantity.

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