Battle of the Franchises, Round 4: ZEROREZ® Vs. Oxi Fresh

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ZEROREZ® is on a mission to become the best carpet cleaning franchise in the nation. To prove that we have what you want in a commercial cleaning franchise, we are taking on the top carpet cleaning companies in a battle of the franchises type challenge. These two contenders have a few things in common:


  • Both claim they are revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry by not relying on traditional cleaning methods
  • Both began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in the early 2000’s
  • Both are focused on serving their market with ‘green’ cleaning products


But, what differentiates the two is their cleaning methods.

Water Conservation

Oxi Fresh was founded in 2006, and experienced explosive growth in its early years. The company now has 233 franchise locations nationwide and is becoming a recognized household brand. Their method of cleaning focuses on the conservation of water, and uses a low moisture method instead of extraction. While this cleaning process saves water over other carpet cleaning companies that flood the carpets, it is typically used by the commercial industry as a way to maintain carpets between cleanings, not to replace regular deep cleaning.


The Oxi Fresh method of absorption includes applying a dry chemical compound to the surface of the carpet, agitating it with one of their cleaning machines to absorb soils, and leaving the compound to be removed when the home or business owner vacuums. Adding the compound to the carpet will eventually cause it to build up in the carpet fibers, especially when no extraction method is used.


Oxi Fresh has sought out certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), and was awarded bronze level. This certification tests for the effectiveness of removing soils and if there is any physical change to the carpet’s appearance after the cleaning method is used. While this certification is a great tool, bronze level is the lowest awarded and indicates the system may not be as effective at removing soils, and may alter the carpet appearance in the process.

Empowered Water™

ZEROREZ® features Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent and remove soils, stains and soil-attracting residue from deep within the carpet fibers. Our revolutionary method of cleaning is what has earned us platinum level of certification with CRI-the highest level available. Not only do our carpets stay looking cleaner, longer, but we are also able to remove residue left by other carpet cleaning companies.


ZEROREZ® currently has 42 territories nationwide, and is working to expand our brand and become the most trusted provider in the industry. Our non-toxic free cleaning process, free of soaps and detergents,  is what is earning the trust of more customers each year as they experience The Right Way to Clean®.

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