Spring Clean Your Way to a Healthier Home

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Anyone who has ever considered how to start a carpet cleaning business knows the importance of spring cleaning. ZEROREZ® offers carpet cleaning franchise opportunities that go way beyond carpet cleaning alone, but allow the customer to have a greener, healthier cleaning experience in every room of their home. Our franchise owners offer these tips for spring cleaning that will lead homeowners to a happier, healthier life.


  1. Tile Grout: Since grout is porous, it can act as a gathering place for mold and mildew. These particles, when grouped together, can not only mask the original grout color, but become an inviting place for other disease causing bacteria. By using a neutral pH tile cleaner, you will be able to protect any color sealers applied and be able to restore the original beauty of your flooring.
  2. Upholstered Furniture: Fabric covered furniture is an inviting place for dust mites to hide. Thoroughly vacuuming, and washing any slip covers in hot water will help eliminate these unwanted germs. If your furniture does not have a removable slip cover, your local ZEROREZ® cleaning franchise would be happy to clean upholstery along with cleaning your carpets.
  3. Carpets and Area Rugs: Spring is a great time to have your carpets and area rugs cleaned. After spending 90% of your time indoors in the winter, allergy-inducing dust mites, pollen and germs have built up and are ready to attack. Having your carpets professionally cleaned removes germs hiding deep in carpet fibers and helps your home be a healthier place.
  4. Curtains & Blinds: Blinds should be regularly dusted with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. Curtains should be cleaned on at least a quarterly basis to remove any dust, dirt, and germs hiding in them.
  5. Mattress: Many people often forget that their mattress is home to thousands of dust mites which can cause allergies to flare. To reduce dust mites found in your mattress, vacuum it thoroughly, and rotate or flip your mattress on a regular schedule.
  6. Shelves, Table Tops & Elevated Surfaces: Dusting should be a regular part of your cleaning routine, but especially after the winter season. Our carpet cleaning franchise owners suggest using a dryer sheet as it eliminates static and picks up dust mites along the way. Always dust before vacuuming since dust from higher surfaces will fall to the floor.
  7. Behind Appliances: Often times people forget these areas, but crumbs and particles can accumulate and become a home for unwanted critters. Move the appliances out and unplug. Vacuum any hoses, wipe down the walls and cabinets on either side, and wipe down all surfaces of the appliance.


Cleaning these areas seasonally or on a regular basis makes spring cleaning less daunting and helps the home feel cleaner and healthier. When you are start those spring cleaning chores this year, don’t forget to schedule your appointment with your local ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning franchise.


If you have ever pondered on how to start a carpet cleaning business, or are open to a carpet cleaning franchise opportunities, ZEROREZ® wants to hear from you! Learn more about us on our franchise website: www.zerorezfranchise.com

Spring and Allergies: 5 Spots to Clean in Your Home to Lessen the Impact

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Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes allergies. Studies show that the average home contains twice the amount of pollen and dust than outside That means those itchy, swollen eyes, stuffy noses, and other symptoms dreaded by allergy sufferers may be avoided by following a few simple tricks. Our commercial cleaning franchise owners remind homeowners to not forget to clean these 5 places.

Couches & Upholstery

Most homeowners know the importance of cleaning their carpet on a regular basis, but what about couches and chairs? When we sit on these furniture pieces every day, dirt is pushed further into the fibers making the cleaning even more necessary. When selecting a carpet cleaning business franchise to clean your home, ask about their upholstery services as well.

Blinds & Fans

These two items are often referred to as dust collectors because they gather dust on horizontal surfaces so quickly. When a ceiling fan is turned on, it recirculates any accumulated dirt particles into the air and can stir up allergy symptoms further. To combat this effect, wiping down blinds and ceiling fan blades should be a part of your weekly household chores.

Hardwood Floors

While carpet acts as the largest filter in your home, bare floors will not only show all the dirt it accumulates, but will also allow it to be stirred up again whenever the room experiences activity. While your hardwood floors are beautiful, you can protect them by using an area rug. Acting as a filter, the area rug will trap dust particles as they settle from the air until you are able to vacuum.

Tile Floors

Have you ever noticed that the grout on your tile and its accumulated  build up? This is normal in rooms with a lot of moisture as it acts as a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other types of fungus. To help this problem, choose a commercial cleaning franchise that offers grout sealing services after a thorough cleaning to help prevent build from returning.

Heating & Air Filters

Designed to remove dust and particles from the air, these heating and air filters are essential to the health of your home. Follow the directions for replacing filters and cleaning them on a regular basis.


By cleaning these five areas in your home on a regular schedule, you can reduce the amounts of pollution inside your home and make it a happier place for the allergy sufferer in your life.

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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Owners Say Green Cleaning is Here to Stay What many thought green cleaning was a passing trend, consumer demand proves otherwise

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SALT LAKE CITY– ZEROREZ® , a national carpet cleaning franchise, announced that while some may have thought that green cleaning was a passing phase, consumer demand for these services are on the rise. Commercial cleaning franchises are experiencing increased requests for fewer chemicals during the cleaning process.


“Green cleaning refers to products made with environmentally friendly ingredients and are designed to preserve human health and the overall quality of the environment,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer of ZEROREZ®  Franchising Systems, Inc. “As a certified green cleaning company, we avoid products that contain toxic chemicals and emit volatile organic compounds which often lead to respiratory and dermatological conditions. When consumers are seeking for carpet cleaning companies that offer a truly green clean, ZEROREZ®  will always be at the top of the list of available options.”


When consumers who are environmentally conscious seek for a carpet cleaning company, they will not hire one that uses compound chemicals. While traditional carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and a method of hot water extraction to pull out the dirt and chemical out of the carpet, the fact is that approximately 30% of the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers. Chemicals leave a sticky, soil attracting residue that will leave the carpets looking dirtier, faster.


ZEROREZ® has a solution for this problem by using their patented Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent, removing soil and stains, while not leaving a sticky residue behind. This process allows carpets to stay cleaner  longer without the use of harsh chemicals, shampoos or detergents. For customers who are choosing to go green, ZEROREZ®  is the wise  choice.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. As managers of hundreds of rental apartments, their biggest struggle was keeping the carpets clean. After experiencing what carpet cleaning companies in their area had to offer, they knew there had to be a better way to clean, and set out to make a change. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proven to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has 43 franchise locations.


For more information on a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity with ZEROREZ®, visit: www.zerorezfranchise.com

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Green Carpet Cleaning Companies?

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The millennial generation of consumers has proven that green cleaning services are not just a passing phase, but are here to stay. Today’s consumers care more about the environment and  their family’s health.  Concerned about overexposure to toxic chemicals, consumers are choosing to ‘go green.’ ZEROREZ®  carpet cleaning companies provide carpet cleaning services that are truly green and cater to those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Benefits of Choosing Green

‘Going green’ has many benefits which include:

  • No exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Reduction of chemical pollution
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Healthier overall environment in your home


Having green alternatives in life is important to customers. ZEROREZ® is working to make a green change among carpet cleaning companies. While most companies use the same ineffective method of spraying a harsh detergent/soap/chemical and then sucking it back out with a hot water extraction method, this method leaves behind soil-attracting residue which attracts dirt right back into the carpets.


After experiencing what every carpet cleaning company in the area had to offer, ZEROREZ® founders knew there had to be a better way to clean. ZEROREZ®  focuses on green cleaning by using our patented Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent and remove soils and stains from the carpet fibers without leaving any sticky soil-attracting residue behind. Our cleaning process even removes the residue left behind by other carpet cleaning companies and leaves the carpets looking cleaner for longer and with a faster dry time.

Best Reasons to Join the Green Movement

The best reason to jump on the green cleaning movement is the removal of toxic chemicals. This is safer and healthier for your family, and gives you peace of mind knowing there are no harsh chemicals lurking in the carpet fibers. When you are ready to have your carpets truly green, call ZEROREZ® to schedule your appointment!


ZEROREZ® also offers a carpet cleaning franchise for sale in many states across the nation. For more information on joining our franchise family, visit: http://zerorezfranchise.com/

ZEROREZ Carpet Cleaning Services Franchise Releases Tips for Spring Cleaning Knowing the facts behind the annual chore may leave some wondering how to start a carpet cleaning business

how to start a carpet cleaning business


SALT LAKE CITY–ZEROREZ® , a national carpet cleaning services franchise, has released the top seven places overlooked during spring cleaning, and how missing them can increase the allergy symptoms experienced in the home. After spending 90% of the winter season indoors, spring cleaning becomes more essential to a healthy and happy home.


“While spring cleaning can sometimes be an overwhelming chore, homeowners need to realize the importance the ritual has on their health,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. “Our job as a carpet cleaning services franchise is to help educate homeowners on effective cleaning methods throughout the entire home, and the effect it will have on any allergy sufferers living there.”


ZEROREZ ®  carpet cleaning services franchise owners suggest these 7 places as the most important to be cleaned on a seasonal basis:

  1. Tile Grout
  2. Upholstered Furniture
  3. Carpet, Area Rugs
  4. Curtains, Blinds & other Window Treatments
  5. Mattresses
  6. Dusting Shelves and Other Elevated Furniture
  7. Behind Major Appliances


According to franchise owners, these places should be cleaned on a regular basis to make spring cleaning less of a chore, but especially in preparation for the warmer weather. ZEROREZ® franchises have the tools needed to assist homeowners in many of these cleaning tasks and are pleased to help increase the health of homes in their territories.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. As managers of hundreds of rental homes, their biggest struggle was keeping the carpets clean. After experiencing what every carpet cleaning services franchise in their area had to offer, they knew there had to be a better way to clean, and set out to make a change. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proven to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has 43 franchise locations.
For more information on how to start a carpet cleaning business with ZEROREZ ® , visit: www.zerorezfranchise.com

It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Carpet Cleaning Companies Discuss What Green Cleaning Involves

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The term ‘green cleaning’ is no longer an unknown buzzword as educated consumers begin to demand more green cleaning services. When the green revolution began, some consumers sat back and wondered how long this ‘phase’ would last, but ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning services franchise is here to show that green cleaning is not another passing trend.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning focuses on providing cleaning products free from toxic chemicals. These cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly as they preserve both human health and the quality of the environment. Green cleaning products are also manufactured in an environmentally friendly facility that produces biodegradable containers. The terms eco-friendly and green cleaning are often used interchangeably.

Why Are There Not More Carpet Cleaning Services Franchises Focused on a Greener Clean?

The fact is if cleaning green were easy, everybody would be doing it. Becoming a certified green cleaning company takes hard work. ZEROREZ ® demonstrates that your company’s cleaning process meets the standards to be considered 100% green.


Chemicals used in cleaning products are not highly regulated and companies are not required by the FDA to report all ingredients used in their solutions. This makes it no surprise that studies are released on an almost daily basis about chemical ingredients causing harm to humans and/or the environment. Consumers are becoming more aware of this problem and are turning to companies that focus on providing a greener clean. Before hiring a company to clean your carpets, ask questions like:


  • What chemicals do you use during your cleaning process?
  • Is your cleaning process green?
  • Will it leave behind chemicals and chemical residue in my carpet that can cause harm to my family and pets?


ZEROREZ® has achieved the highest certifications in the industry for their superior cleaning service and provides our customers with the greenest clean available.

Going Green is Easy With ZEROREZ

ZEROREZ® signature prespray and Empowered Water™ are 100% green and are safe for your family and pets. The Green Zerorez ® process does not leave soil-attracting residue, meaning your carpets will stay cleaner longer without the use of harsh soaps, shampoos and detergents. Whether you are just new to the idea of green alternatives or have been looking for green products for a while, ZEROREZ ®  carpet cleaning services franchise locations can help your home continue to be a healthy environment for you, your family, and your furry friends.


If you are in search of a business opportunity, ZEROREZ® offers a complete carpet cleaning business for sale and helps our franchise owners achieve their goals by providing all of the tools, training, and resources needed to be successful.