It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Carpet Cleaning Companies Discuss What Green Cleaning Involves

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The term ‘green cleaning’ is no longer an unknown buzzword as educated consumers begin to demand more green cleaning services. When the green revolution began, some consumers sat back and wondered how long this ‘phase’ would last, but ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning services franchise is here to show that green cleaning is not another passing trend.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning focuses on providing cleaning products free from toxic chemicals. These cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly as they preserve both human health and the quality of the environment. Green cleaning products are also manufactured in an environmentally friendly facility that produces biodegradable containers. The terms eco-friendly and green cleaning are often used interchangeably.

Why Are There Not More Carpet Cleaning Services Franchises Focused on a Greener Clean?

The fact is if cleaning green were easy, everybody would be doing it. Becoming a certified green cleaning company takes hard work. ZEROREZ ® demonstrates that your company’s cleaning process meets the standards to be considered 100% green.


Chemicals used in cleaning products are not highly regulated and companies are not required by the FDA to report all ingredients used in their solutions. This makes it no surprise that studies are released on an almost daily basis about chemical ingredients causing harm to humans and/or the environment. Consumers are becoming more aware of this problem and are turning to companies that focus on providing a greener clean. Before hiring a company to clean your carpets, ask questions like:


  • What chemicals do you use during your cleaning process?
  • Is your cleaning process green?
  • Will it leave behind chemicals and chemical residue in my carpet that can cause harm to my family and pets?


ZEROREZ® has achieved the highest certifications in the industry for their superior cleaning service and provides our customers with the greenest clean available.

Going Green is Easy With ZEROREZ

ZEROREZ® signature prespray and Empowered Water™ are 100% green and are safe for your family and pets. The Green Zerorez ® process does not leave soil-attracting residue, meaning your carpets will stay cleaner longer without the use of harsh soaps, shampoos and detergents. Whether you are just new to the idea of green alternatives or have been looking for green products for a while, ZEROREZ ®  carpet cleaning services franchise locations can help your home continue to be a healthy environment for you, your family, and your furry friends.


If you are in search of a business opportunity, ZEROREZ® offers a complete carpet cleaning business for sale and helps our franchise owners achieve their goals by providing all of the tools, training, and resources needed to be successful.

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