ZEROREZ Carpet Cleaning Services Franchise Releases Tips for Spring Cleaning Knowing the facts behind the annual chore may leave some wondering how to start a carpet cleaning business

how to start a carpet cleaning business


SALT LAKE CITY–ZEROREZ® , a national carpet cleaning services franchise, has released the top seven places overlooked during spring cleaning, and how missing them can increase the allergy symptoms experienced in the home. After spending 90% of the winter season indoors, spring cleaning becomes more essential to a healthy and happy home.


“While spring cleaning can sometimes be an overwhelming chore, homeowners need to realize the importance the ritual has on their health,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. “Our job as a carpet cleaning services franchise is to help educate homeowners on effective cleaning methods throughout the entire home, and the effect it will have on any allergy sufferers living there.”


ZEROREZ ®  carpet cleaning services franchise owners suggest these 7 places as the most important to be cleaned on a seasonal basis:

  1. Tile Grout
  2. Upholstered Furniture
  3. Carpet, Area Rugs
  4. Curtains, Blinds & other Window Treatments
  5. Mattresses
  6. Dusting Shelves and Other Elevated Furniture
  7. Behind Major Appliances


According to franchise owners, these places should be cleaned on a regular basis to make spring cleaning less of a chore, but especially in preparation for the warmer weather. ZEROREZ® franchises have the tools needed to assist homeowners in many of these cleaning tasks and are pleased to help increase the health of homes in their territories.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. As managers of hundreds of rental homes, their biggest struggle was keeping the carpets clean. After experiencing what every carpet cleaning services franchise in their area had to offer, they knew there had to be a better way to clean, and set out to make a change. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proven to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has 43 franchise locations.
For more information on how to start a carpet cleaning business with ZEROREZ ® , visit:

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