Commercial Cleaning Franchise Owners Say Green Cleaning is Here to Stay What many thought green cleaning was a passing trend, consumer demand proves otherwise

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SALT LAKE CITY– ZEROREZ® , a national carpet cleaning franchise, announced that while some may have thought that green cleaning was a passing phase, consumer demand for these services are on the rise. Commercial cleaning franchises are experiencing increased requests for fewer chemicals during the cleaning process.


“Green cleaning refers to products made with environmentally friendly ingredients and are designed to preserve human health and the overall quality of the environment,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operations Officer of ZEROREZ®  Franchising Systems, Inc. “As a certified green cleaning company, we avoid products that contain toxic chemicals and emit volatile organic compounds which often lead to respiratory and dermatological conditions. When consumers are seeking for carpet cleaning companies that offer a truly green clean, ZEROREZ®  will always be at the top of the list of available options.”


When consumers who are environmentally conscious seek for a carpet cleaning company, they will not hire one that uses compound chemicals. While traditional carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and a method of hot water extraction to pull out the dirt and chemical out of the carpet, the fact is that approximately 30% of the chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers. Chemicals leave a sticky, soil attracting residue that will leave the carpets looking dirtier, faster.


ZEROREZ® has a solution for this problem by using their patented Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent, removing soil and stains, while not leaving a sticky residue behind. This process allows carpets to stay cleaner  longer without the use of harsh chemicals, shampoos or detergents. For customers who are choosing to go green, ZEROREZ®  is the wise  choice.


ZEROREZ® launched in 2001 when the owners set out to change the carpet cleaning industry. As managers of hundreds of rental apartments, their biggest struggle was keeping the carpets clean. After experiencing what carpet cleaning companies in their area had to offer, they knew there had to be a better way to clean, and set out to make a change. Their idea to truly clean carpets without using harsh or toxic chemicals has proven to be a needed change in the industry. The company began offering carpet cleaning franchise opportunities in 2002, and now has 43 franchise locations.


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