Spring and Allergies: 5 Spots to Clean in Your Home to Lessen the Impact

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Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes allergies. Studies show that the average home contains twice the amount of pollen and dust than outside That means those itchy, swollen eyes, stuffy noses, and other symptoms dreaded by allergy sufferers may be avoided by following a few simple tricks. Our commercial cleaning franchise owners remind homeowners to not forget to clean these 5 places.

Couches & Upholstery

Most homeowners know the importance of cleaning their carpet on a regular basis, but what about couches and chairs? When we sit on these furniture pieces every day, dirt is pushed further into the fibers making the cleaning even more necessary. When selecting a carpet cleaning business franchise to clean your home, ask about their upholstery services as well.

Blinds & Fans

These two items are often referred to as dust collectors because they gather dust on horizontal surfaces so quickly. When a ceiling fan is turned on, it recirculates any accumulated dirt particles into the air and can stir up allergy symptoms further. To combat this effect, wiping down blinds and ceiling fan blades should be a part of your weekly household chores.

Hardwood Floors

While carpet acts as the largest filter in your home, bare floors will not only show all the dirt it accumulates, but will also allow it to be stirred up again whenever the room experiences activity. While your hardwood floors are beautiful, you can protect them by using an area rug. Acting as a filter, the area rug will trap dust particles as they settle from the air until you are able to vacuum.

Tile Floors

Have you ever noticed that the grout on your tile and its accumulated  build up? This is normal in rooms with a lot of moisture as it acts as a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other types of fungus. To help this problem, choose a commercial cleaning franchise that offers grout sealing services after a thorough cleaning to help prevent build from returning.

Heating & Air Filters

Designed to remove dust and particles from the air, these heating and air filters are essential to the health of your home. Follow the directions for replacing filters and cleaning them on a regular basis.


By cleaning these five areas in your home on a regular schedule, you can reduce the amounts of pollution inside your home and make it a happier place for the allergy sufferer in your life.

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