Spring Clean Your Way to a Healthier Home

how to start a carpet cleaning business


Anyone who has ever considered how to start a carpet cleaning business knows the importance of spring cleaning. ZEROREZ® offers carpet cleaning franchise opportunities that go way beyond carpet cleaning alone, but allow the customer to have a greener, healthier cleaning experience in every room of their home. Our franchise owners offer these tips for spring cleaning that will lead homeowners to a happier, healthier life.


  1. Tile Grout: Since grout is porous, it can act as a gathering place for mold and mildew. These particles, when grouped together, can not only mask the original grout color, but become an inviting place for other disease causing bacteria. By using a neutral pH tile cleaner, you will be able to protect any color sealers applied and be able to restore the original beauty of your flooring.
  2. Upholstered Furniture: Fabric covered furniture is an inviting place for dust mites to hide. Thoroughly vacuuming, and washing any slip covers in hot water will help eliminate these unwanted germs. If your furniture does not have a removable slip cover, your local ZEROREZ® cleaning franchise would be happy to clean upholstery along with cleaning your carpets.
  3. Carpets and Area Rugs: Spring is a great time to have your carpets and area rugs cleaned. After spending 90% of your time indoors in the winter, allergy-inducing dust mites, pollen and germs have built up and are ready to attack. Having your carpets professionally cleaned removes germs hiding deep in carpet fibers and helps your home be a healthier place.
  4. Curtains & Blinds: Blinds should be regularly dusted with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt. Curtains should be cleaned on at least a quarterly basis to remove any dust, dirt, and germs hiding in them.
  5. Mattress: Many people often forget that their mattress is home to thousands of dust mites which can cause allergies to flare. To reduce dust mites found in your mattress, vacuum it thoroughly, and rotate or flip your mattress on a regular schedule.
  6. Shelves, Table Tops & Elevated Surfaces: Dusting should be a regular part of your cleaning routine, but especially after the winter season. Our carpet cleaning franchise owners suggest using a dryer sheet as it eliminates static and picks up dust mites along the way. Always dust before vacuuming since dust from higher surfaces will fall to the floor.
  7. Behind Appliances: Often times people forget these areas, but crumbs and particles can accumulate and become a home for unwanted critters. Move the appliances out and unplug. Vacuum any hoses, wipe down the walls and cabinets on either side, and wipe down all surfaces of the appliance.


Cleaning these areas seasonally or on a regular basis makes spring cleaning less daunting and helps the home feel cleaner and healthier. When you are start those spring cleaning chores this year, don’t forget to schedule your appointment with your local ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning franchise.


If you have ever pondered on how to start a carpet cleaning business, or are open to a carpet cleaning franchise opportunities, ZEROREZ® wants to hear from you! Learn more about us on our franchise website: www.zerorezfranchise.com

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