Annual Carpet Cleaning Service Franchise Conference Feature: Boise, Idaho

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ZEROREZ® has become well known for our carpet cleaning business for sale throughout the nation.  We strive to offer the best carpet cleaning service franchise opportunity available. One thing our franchise owners look forward to each year is our annual franchise conference. The 2016 conference was held in Salt Lake City, UT,  and concluded with an awards banquet. One of the awards given was to the Boise, Idaho franchise for their incredible customer service scores from our partner company, Listen360.

From Technician to Franchise Owner

Dave Grigsby, owner for the Boise franchise, was introduced to ZEROREZ® in Las Vegas, where he worked for the franchise as a technician. It was here that he fell in love with our product providing cleaner homes to happy customers without using harsh chemicals. In his years of working as a carpet cleaner, he has seen what our products can do to change the lives, homes, and offices of customers, he and wanted to help expand our system to other parts of the country. In 2012, he opened the Boise, Idaho franchise. The Boise Zerore® carpet cleaning services franchise currently employs eight staff members.

Supporting the Community

Dave believes that cleaning the environment around you is the best way to improve your life. He also feels that by supporting community organizations and local charities, his Boise franchise helps to improve the community. The charity work and support from this franchise extends to local programs:


Meals on Wheels program, where they clean one customer’s home every month at no charge.

Rescue Mission, where they clean the facilities and also donate through other means.

Peregrine Fund, where they donate cleaning services.


By being involved with these and other local charities, the Boise carpet cleaning service franchise hopes to help people that are disadvantaged have a clean environment. In addition to these charities, the Boise team is also extremely involved with their community by supporting local schools, churches, booster clubs, and other community businesses.

Carpet Cleaning Service Franchise Goals

The Boise team is dedicated to working hard and continuing to grow their business. Their goal for 2016 is to exceed $1,100,000 in gross annual sales, add another van to their fleet, and prepare for expansion into other markets.

We are thankful to our Boise franchise for all their hard work in becoming one of our highest rated franchises. If you want to follow in the shoes of Dave Grigsby, ZEROREZ® has a carpet cleaning business for sale in many areas of the country.

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