ZEROREZ ® Announces Winners From Annual Franchise Conference

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Individual Carpet Cleaning Companies Honored for Hard Work and Commitment

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah– The 13th annual Zerorez Franchise Conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah from March 2-4, 2016. The conference was well attended by franchise owners, key staff members, and representatives from the company’s vendors, and concluded with an awards banquet. Several carpet cleaning franchisees were honored for their hard work and commitment to helping the company reach its goals.

Franchises were honored in several categories, and included:


Top Revenue Earners: Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas

Job Average: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bay Area

Truck Average: Minneapolis, San Diego, Bay Area

Highest Percentage of Growth in a Two Year Period: Oklahoma City, Nashville, Omaha

Listen360 with More Than $1,000,000 in Gross Sales: Jacksonville, Omaha, Los Angeles

Listen360 with Less Than $1,000,000 in Gross Sales: Kansas City, Boise, Fredericksburg

$10,000,000 Gross Annual Sales Club: Minneapolis, Atlanta

$5,000,000 Gross Annual Sales Club: Dallas, Phoenix

$2,500,000 Gross Annual Sales Club: Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, Spokane, Las Vegas, San Diego, Raleigh

$1,000,000 Gross Annual Sales Club: Bay Area, Des Moines, Jacksonville, Portland, Omaha, Indianapolis, Davis Weber


The company also awarded the coveted Franchise of the Year award to Jeremy McGee, owner of the Spokane, Washington franchise for his work in developing and expanding in his territory.


“The continued success and expansion of our brand is a result of our comprehensive cleaning process and technology,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operating Officer of Zerorez®  Franchising Systems. “But, the progress we are making throughout the nation is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of our franchise owners and employees across the county. We are proud of each of you and thank you for the work you are doing to help Zerorez® with its mission of becoming the most trusted provider in the industry.”
Zerorez® cleaning systems are different than other carpet cleaning companies, and feature Empowered Water™, which is used instead of harsh chemicals. The Empowered Water™ acts like a detergent, removing soils and stains and even residue left behind by other carpet cleaning systems. Zerorez® offers opportunities to purchase a carpet cleaning business for sale throughout the nation, and is on a mission to become the most trusted provider in the nation.

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