ZEROREZ® Recognizes Floor Cleaning Franchise Owners with the Highest Percentage of Growth in a Two Year Period

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ZEROREZ® offers carpet cleaning franchise opportunities that are helping people meet and exceed both their personal and business goals. Recently, at our annual franchise conference, we recognized the three franchises who have achieved the highest percentage of growth within the company in the last two years. The top two, Oklahoma City, OK and Nashville, TN are owned and managed by the same franchisee, Phillip Miles. We asked Miles several questions about his franchises, and are delighted to feature him in this month’s blog series.

Franchise Profiles

How long have these franchise territories been open?

We opened Nashville in October 2013, Huntsville in May of 2014, and Oklahoma City in July of 2015.


How do you feel about winning this award?

I was quite frankly surprised! There has been a lot of pressure on me- some from other investors, and a lot self-imposed. Reflecting on the moment we were announced as the winners, I had bought into more of our shortcomings than positives.


What made you decide to open a ZEROREZ® floor cleaning franchise?

I attended the Georgetown Franchise Symposium back in 2009 where Ben Litalien and I struck up a friendship that kept us in touch. He called me while in Atlanta for a ZEROREZ® conference and said, “You have got to get into this ZEROREZ®!”


What do you love about your locations/cities?

All of the cities are exciting, of moderate to large moderate size, and carry a unique identity.  Oklahoma City is Main Street meets the West, Nashville is the Music Capital of the World, and Huntsville is an Engineering Mecca.


Do your locations support any civic, community, service or charity organization(s)? If so, which, and how and why is that important to you?

Our manager, John Green, is a wonderful leader and gentlemen who happens to be a wounded warrior. We are just beginning to participate in Support the Communities programs through Wounded Warrior. We will continue to focus on time and monetary commitments to our communities.


What do you love about being a ZEROREZ® franchisee in these cities?

ZEROREZ® truly transcends from being an average carpet cleaning company, instead, we are the premium provider. It goes without saying that we make the living area for folks healthier, and cleaner. There is proliferation of autoimmune issues from allergies to skin issues, and  ZEROREZ® can help prevent those issues.


What is your next big goal for your business?

Continue growing while maintaining a high level of employee and customer satisfaction.

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