Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Business Franchise Wins Two Awards

best carpet cleaning franchise


At our annual franchise conference, we were pleased to honor our top carpet cleaning business franchise locations for their hard work and dedication to helping us achieve our goals as a company. Our Los Angeles franchise was honored with the Top Three Job Average Award, and the Listen360 Award for those franchises earning more than $1,000,000 in revenue. We wish to congratulate Jeff Christensen and his team for achieving these awards.

Franchise Profile

Jeff Christensen is the owner of the Los Angeles carpet cleaning business franchise which covers the following five Southern California counties: Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange. He opened his franchise in June of 2003, and has experienced tremendous growth ever since.


How do you feel about winning these awards?

We’re very proud of winning the top job average award, not only this year, but for several years running. It speaks to our commitment to keep our pricing structure such that we can pay our office and field technician staff well, while still maintaining acceptable margins.

We are also very proud of our consistent excellence in the Listen360 category. It speaks toward a deep felt commitment on our part to understanding our clients needs and wants, and wearing the ZEROREZ® “You Gotta Love-It Guarantee” on our sleeves.  


What made you decide to open a ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning business franchise?

It was the coming together of a unique set of circumstances, and an opportunity to help shape a brand along with a new unique, concept in cleaning.


What do you love about your location/city?

The greater Los Angeles area is such an amazing place for a wide variety of interests. The mountains and beach for active outdoors people, top notch museums, galleries and venues for the more culturally inclined, and when you love spending time in your car, there’s no better place than LA!


Does your location support any civic, community, service or charity organization(s)?  If so, which and how and why is that important to you?

We’ve always been inspired by giving back to the community and support several local organizations in this effort. Working Wardrobes helps people get back on their feet for job interviews, and we’ve helped collect clothes and donated services. On a smaller scale we search out and encourage our employees to perform ‘minor miracles’ by providing individual charity efforts. A big part of giving back is the cornerstone of our values and builds on the concept of improving people’s lives including employees, clients, and community members.    


What is your next big goal for your business?

Our most immediate big goal is to get to cross our next revenue hurdle of $5 million. However, more impactful, is our goal of reaching 90% Listen360 scores and to provide an individual coaching plan for each of our technicians.


Congratulations to the Los Angeles team for working toward becoming the best carpet cleaning franchise in your area!

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