ZEROREZ Carpet Cleaning Company Working to Make a Change in the Industry

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Carpet cleaning franchise opportunities helping to change the way customers view clean

SALT LAKE CITY– ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning franchises is working hard to introduce their customers to The Right Way to Clean®, and is making a positive change in the way consumers view clean. With green cleaning services on the rise, more commercial cleaning companies are developing green services, but traditional carpet cleaning methods do not seem to be changing.


“The carpet cleaning industry as a whole has been using the same ineffective methods of cleaning for over 70 years,” said Richard Arnold, Chief Operating Officer at Zerorez® Franchising Systems, Inc. “Most companies use some kind of detergent or soap, and then attempt to extract it with hot water. The problem with this method is that up to 30% of that detergent remains in the carpet fibers and it leaves a sticky, soil attracting residue behind to attract more dirt and soil and make your carpets appear dirtier, faster.”


ZEROREZ® founders approached the cleaning process differently. Tired of dirty carpets in their rental units, they set out to find a better way to clean. Their patented cleaning system features a water based cleaning agent called Empowered Water™ that removes more dirt and soil from the carpet fibers without exposing people to harmful chemicals. This results in a healthier environment with cleaner carpets for longer periods of time.


“This system addresses the three main concerns in the carpet cleaning industry,” said Arnold. “With ZEROREZ®, there is a lesser chance for reappearing spots, the dry time is significantly shorter than other carpet cleaning companies, and our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. If you have ever wondered how to start a carpet cleaning business, do it the right way with ZEROREZ®.”


Zerorez®  Franchising Systems, Inc.’s corporate offices are housed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and its franchise organization is coast-to-coast in 27 states. In recognition of its cleaning efficacy, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has awarded Zerorez® its Platinum Rating, the cleaning industry’s highest rating. See for more information or to contact the corporate office.

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