DIY Don’ts: Carpet Cleaning


While the do-it-yourself (DIY) industry is booming, there are a few household endeavors you should not take on without the proper tools and training. Plumbing, electrical work and carpet cleaning are the top three. Attempting to perform these tasks on your own could produce less than desired results. Before running to rent a carpet cleaning machine from your local hardware store, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning franchise instead.

Why Go Pro?

While it is tempting to “save money,” and clean your carpets yourself, doing so could actually cause damage to your carpet. These machines use a combination of hot water and detergents to saturate your carpets and make them appear clean. Over saturating carpet leads to extended dry times, and the longer they are wet, the more mold, mildew and bacteria can breed in your ‘clean carpet’ fibers. Furthermore, up to 30% of the chemicals used while cleaning will actually remain in the fibers and attract soils faster leaving your carpets looking dirtier much faster than before.

By choosing to have your carpets cleaned by ZEROREZ®, you are choosing to avoid toxic chemicals used by DIY machines, and have faster dry times. Our patented cleaning process relies on Empowered Water™ which acts like a detergent to remove even the toughest soils and stains. By not relying on chemicals, there will be no soil-attracting residue left behind to make your carpets appear dirtier faster. We are also careful not to oversaturate carpets, and have one of the fastest dry times in the industry.

Along with those benefits, our cleaning methods will leave your home a healthier environment by improving indoor air quality. Every product used by ZEROREZ® technicians is nontoxic and safe for pets and children.

Have an Itch to Clean Carpets?

If you still have an itch to clean carpets, why not do it the right way? ZEROREZ® offers a carpet cleaning business for sale in most states across the nation. We offer our franchisees all the tools, resources and training needed to begin a successful business. Our unique cleaning method is attracting more consumers anxious to invite only green cleaning products into their home. The next time you have the itch to clean carpets, contact ZEROREZ® first, and learn more about a carpet cleaning franchise for sale from us.

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