Tales and Tails: Do You Know What Your Pet is Bringing into Your Home?


As a nation, we love our furry friends. Some families even treat them like their own children! But, when it comes to them being indoors and outdoor pets, do you know what they bring with them? Our carpet cleaning business franchise has some a few reasons why having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help your family and your pet be safer.

Friend or Foe?

While our pets are man’s best friends, they are carpets biggest foe. Here are a few facts about what your pet may be leaving in your carpet:

  • Saliva: 20 known strains of bacteria are contained in a dog’s saliva. There could be even more.
  • Pet waste: in a single gram of pet waste- whether urine or feces- there are over 23 million coliform bacteria.
  • Dander: The main cause of allergies to pets is the dander/odor that comes from them.
  • Fleas/Ticks: The biggest expense for pet owners comes from buying products to rid their animal of these pesky bugs.
  • Dirt: Each square foot of carpeting in your home can hold up to one pound of dirt! If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned lately, and have pets and/or kids, your carpet could be storing more dirt than is in your backyard!

Bacteria left behind by our furry friends can lead to poor indoor air quality, increased allergies or asthma, stomach illness and skin infections.

The Solution

Luckily, ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning business franchise owners have a few solutions to help you keep the dirt and germs at bay while still giving your family pets the love they need.

  • Use Doormats: By having a doormat in front of any door your pet uses to get outside, you can reduce the amounts of mud, dirt and water contained on your pet’s paws by having them absorbed into the rug.
  • Bathe your Dog Regularly: A weekly bath not only keeps your dog smelling fresh, but also reduces the amount of dirt brought into your home by 84%.
  • Clean up pet waste immediately: Before the pee can sink into your carpet pad and cause permanent damage, treat it with an odor eliminator designed specifically for pet waste.

And most of all, recognize that vacuuming alone is not enough, and hire a professional carpet cleaning business franchise to clean your carpets at least 2-3 times per year to remove the build up of pet dander, hair and dirt accumulated in them. Our patented cleaning method is nontoxic and safe for children and pets.

For more information about ZEROREZ®, or the carpet cleaning franchise opportunities we offer, visit us at www.zerorezfranchise.com

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