5 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean This Summer


Between the kids running in and out and any planned vacations, the last thing you want to be worried about this summer is how to keep your house clean and organized. Here are five simple and easy tips for keeping your house clean during the chaos of summer, as well as how to keep your family safe from toxic chemicals by using Zerorez products.

  1. Purge

  2. All that time spent indoors a;; winter allowed for plenty of time to accumulate clothing, toys, and junk. Utilize the warmer air to really dig in and start simplifying each space. Go through the kids’ rooms to donate clothes, toys, books, and furniture they have grown out of. Go through accumulated junk mail and paperwork in the office and do a good fridge and pantry cleanout to eliminate old holiday leftovers and other expired goods.

  3. Spread the Wealth

  4. Parents are not the only members of the household that should be cleaning. Share the load by delegating age-appropriate cleaning tasks to children. Give each child 3 tasks that must be completed before viewing cartoons or playing outside, such as making the bed, putting away toys, loading/emptying dishwasher, vacuuming, dusting, picking up their room, etc. Getting everyone involved and on a schedule will allow for everyday cleaning and a consistently clean home.

  5. Clean the Carpets and the Air

  6. A lot of the germs in your house and pollution in the air are caused by bacteria, mold, and allergens that are caught in the fibers of your carpets. Don’t be tempted to rent a carpet shampooer from your local market. These machines often carry germs from house to house and use harsh chemicals to oversaturate your carpet. Go pro and go green with Zerorez for cleaner, safer carpets and air for your family. Our patented process removes more soils, stains, and pollutants than any other carpet cleaning. We only use Empowered Water free from harsh chemicals, which can be used on carpet and hard surfaces.

  7. Get Outside

  8. Get the family outdoors and away from making messes indoors. Plan for activities in the backyard or at a park, cook on the BBQ, and even make it a fun event to eat meals outdoors to avoid crumbs and spills inside.

  9. Stop Dirt at the Door

Help your carpet stay clean by stopping dirt at the door. Make a designated zone where outdoor shoes and toys need to be wiped or left before entering the home. If you have a proper shaded area outdoors, leave pets outside (making sure they don’t get overheated), or consider using that drop station to wipe down wet dogs or brush out fur before entering the house.  

Don’t let summer keep you from a clean house. Kill two birds with one stone and clean your carpet and improve the air quality of your home by utilizing the Zerorez patented carpet cleaning process. We shun harsh chemicals that are dangerous to both the humans and animals in your home.

If you love Zerorez products and would like to get involved with sharing this technology, join the cleaning revolution and the Zerorez family today.

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