Asthma and Carpet: Should You Switch to Hardwood Floors?



The environment that you are constantly living in on a day-to-day basis has a profound effect on your health. For many families, carpeted areas are considered a must around the home for a lot of reasons. Carpet is aesthetically pleasing, soft, and comforting.

Americans spend the vast bulk of our time indoors, and we are almost always in physical contact with carpet. Over time, we are going to wear on it, and it’s going to wear on us back.

Understand the Weaknesses of Carpet

Carpet has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks. Of all of the areas in the home, carpet is going to be the most likely to contain allergens. It is especially good at picking up dust, pet dander, and dead skin. For those with asthma or other lung conditions, the carpet may be a hot button issue in your house. In fact, you may be thinking of replacing it with hardwood floors. After all, you’ve given it your best shot with your carpet, right?

You Can Totally Make It Work

The good news is that you don’t have to switch to hardwood floors to clean up your air. With proper carpet care, issues can be mitigated before they create an unhealthy environment. In most instances, vacuuming regularly will rid your carpet of most of its pollutants.

For a deeper and more thorough job, have your carpet deep cleaned every year. Steam cleaning is especially effective at sanitizing carpet because it physically kills off the bacteria and is an effective dissolving agent as well.

If you are looking for something really heavy duty, then go with a registered Seal of Approval Service. Once every year and a half, you can have your carpet deep cleaned to almost new levels of freshness with special chemicals that breathe new life into even the worst cases. With good care and heavy duty cleaning periodically, you can remove allergens.

So what’s the answer to the question about switching wood floors? Easy. You don’t have to. Just have a professional service come in to help. You’ll be amazed at the improvement to your air quality.

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Why You Should Consider Opening a Franchise



If you’re looking for a unique challenge with both short-term and long-term rewards, consider franchising. You’ll get to experience being an entrepreneur in a more stable environment than if you were building a company from the ground up.

Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should consider opening a franchise.

There Are a Lot of Perks

  • You can be your own boss – most of the time. You own the franchise and get to call the shots, but there is still a corporate hierarchy that you are part of.
  • There is less risk than starting a company from scratch. If there is a franchise opportunity, then there is already a consumer base, location, and some demand for their services. You are jumping into something already developed.
  • A franchise is a proven formula. If franchise opportunities exist, the corporate entity has found enough success with what they are doing to be comfortable with expansion.
  • There are good buy-in prices when the economy is slow. As far as investments go, franchises are a good option when there is a downturn in the economy, since typically the buy-in is lowered significantly.
  • You can work with your friends and family. Either get them in on the ground floor of your investment, or hire them to help you out. Partner up if you like. It’s your franchise and your passion, so you can get whoever you like involved.
  • Your chance of success is much higher. As stated above, there is existing opportunity and demand. Your corporate chain has no interest in seeing any of their affiliates fail.
  • Good franchises will encourage positive SBA loans.
  • You have the power of an established brand. One cannot underestimate how powerful it is to have an established brand. Branding is tricky and requires a lot of time and effort to cultivate. On your own, a brand might falter – but an established brand puts you years ahead of starting up your own company.
  • You will receive proper training. Again, no corporate entity wants to see you fail. You will get the right training for the job to be done, rest assured of that.
  • Smaller franchises typically offer great potential ROI.
  • You will enjoy independence with guidance. You get to be the boss but also have a team that can back you up and offer insight into good decision making – a rare opportunity.
  • Some franchises have access to in-house lending. Some opportunities will offer the option to self-finance as you go, or they may lend money if you are having a slow quarter.

So Get Started Already!

If the perks of opening a franchise seem like a tantalizing opportunity, contact Zerorez to learn more about exciting franchise opportunities. We’re glad to help in any way!

Top 5 Reasons to Have Carpet In Your Home


Choosing new flooring for your home can be exciting. You get to customize your living space to your taste and style, which really helps to make your house a home. But the process can also be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, the first of which is usually the type of flooring to put down. As you make this decision, keep in mind these five reasons that make carpet an ideal choice for flooring in your home.


When you come home from a long day and kick your shoes off, there’s nothing like the feeling of soft, warm carpet under your feet to help you relax. And not only is carpet the softer and more comfortable option, it really is warmer, as it insulates and traps heat better than hardwood options. It is also more comfortable to your ears, because it also acts as a noise insulator, especially when it’s on the upper levels. No more creaking and stomping around!

Air quality

The fibrous composition of carpeting makes it ideal for those with asthma and allergies because it traps dust and allergens which can then be vacuumed. This keeps them from circulating in the air and aggravating respiratory conditions. Also, most modern carpets are low emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), so you can breathe easy.


Especially for young children and older adults, carpeting is safer to have in homes. The texture adds a level of traction that reduces and softens falls, and its cushioning can prevent injuries. For homes with babies and children, carpet is softer for crawling and playing. It can also protect dishware and other valuables when they drop, preventing dangerous glass from shattering and causing harm.


Carpet hides dirt, stains, and spills better than hardwood, and prevents messes from spreading. It doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as hardwood or tile, and the weekly vacuum and yearly deep-cleaning can keep it fresh-looking for several years.



There are a lot more options for customization when you choose carpet as your flooring. You can control the color, texture, pattern, and depth of the carpet, making it a complement to your home’s current style or even the focal point of a room. Additionally, carpet doesn’t scratch easily and show wear, allowing you to maintain your style. You also don’t need to put distracting padding underneath your furniture as you would with hardwood because the carpet doesn’t need to be protected from sliding furniture.
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