5 TED Talks That Will Change To Way You Think About Business


Are you interested in starting your own business or beginning a career in entrepreneurship? Get some inspiration from these five motivational TED Talks about how operating from a business standpoint can give you the tools and resources you need to successfully reach your goals.


This 2010 TED Talk features business growth guru Cameron Herold and the importance of implementing entrepreneurship into the school system and within the home.  As the mastermind credited for the remarkable growth of hundreds of different companies, Herold speaks about how making entrepreneurship a familiar aspect of children’s lives, our economy and competitiveness in the global market will improve. Rather than encouraging today’s youth to simply get a good job, our society should be cultivating a generation that is passionate about their ideas and goals that they will assume the risks of capitalizing on an opportunity.


For Danish serial entrepreneur Henrik Scheel, mastering the entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just beneficial for starting your own business. It’s also a powerful influence on your lifestyle and mental functioning. With a knack for using entrepreneurship to help solve social problems, Scheel encourages his audience to follow him on a transformational journey to build the mind’s creative confidence and to recognize opportunities where an entrepreneurial mindset can offer solutions to problems.


In just 20 minutes, Dr. Anil Gupta of India sheds light on how constraints like poverty and other social barriers often hide entrepreneurial ingenuity. Instead of using these factors as an excuse for why some individuals don’t capitalize on their entrepreneurial traits, Dr. Gupta explains that there are ways for people to build the connections they need to be successful by investing in a knowledge ecosystem. As founder of the Honey Bee network, Dr. Gupta is passionate about creating a “knowledge ecosystem” or community where everyone is a member of a fair, responsible, and intellectual business industry.


As an entrepreneur and investor focused on financial inclusion, the sharing economy, and social justice, Jessica Jackley wastes no time discussing the stigmas surrounding poverty and how, once her perspective changed on the subject so did her success as a businesswoman. In 2005, Jackley helped to found Kiva, the world’s first p2p (peer-to-peer) microlending website. Thanks to the foundation of this website, money is less of a deterrent for hopeful entrepreneurs; Kiva lets Internet users lend $25 or more directly to individual entrepreneurs, which helps offset the costs that accompany starting or growing a small business. In this TED Talk, Jackley explains just how the passion for her idea has helped empower the brilliant minds that live in the grips of poverty.


Lastly, one of New York’s most reputable urban revitalization strategists Majora Carter brings to life three stories of how people used their ingenuity to positively impact their communities and the planet. An expert in founding leading eco-strategy businesses, Carter is able to exemplify how entrepreneurs can grow their business in a way that doesn’t just pay the bills, but it benefits the community as a whole.

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