A 7 Step Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness


The path to happiness can appear long and hard. If you’re struggling to find more happiness in your life, you can make a change for the better today. The path to get there isn’t as long and hard as you might have thought. Here are 7 things you can start doing today to help you lead a happier and healthier life right now.

1. Write It Down

Spend time every day writing down your thoughts and feelings. There is something therapeutic in taking the time to write these things down, and doing so has proven to make people happier and even help improve one’s health.

2. Look Beyond Yourself

When you’re feeling sad or unhappy, one of the best things you can do is step outside of yourself and do some good. Performing service for others allows you to focus on someone else for a while, instead of dwelling on yourself. Benefits of service extend beyond feeling good about yourself; it’s good for your health, too.

3. Be Grateful

Take the time every day to think about what you’re grateful for. Once you train your mind to look for these things, it becomes easier to find them, even in stressful circumstances. Consider keeping a gratitude journal just for expressing thanks, or including things you’re grateful for in your daily journaling.

4. Find Your Meaning

Many people find looking through old photographs to be beneficial in helping them gain perspective and find their meaning. Think back on your past experiences and how they’ve shaped you into who you are. Understanding where you’ve been can help you determine where you’re headed, and keep you more resilient when minor setbacks occur in life.

5. Do Something Awesome

Take a walk through the autumn leaves, climb a mountain and take in the view, sing a powerful hymn with your church choir—anything that leaves you in awe will help you realize just how lucky you are to be alive and how amazing life is. Whether it’s standing on the beach with your toes in the sand, sitting in a library surrounded by the smell of leather-bound books, or shuttering along the train tracks as you travel the countryside, find a place that inspires you and go there.  

6. Give Up Something You Enjoy

It’s easy to become jaded when you have constant access to something you enjoy, so consider giving it up for a week. Love the taste of chocolate or a nice, cold Diet Coke? Giving up one thing that you love for a week will make you appreciate it more and renew its positive affects on you.

7. Let It Go

You can’t change the past, so stop dwelling on it. Looking back won’t allow you to move forward, and you can’t find happiness unless you move beyond past sorrows and regrets. Make the decision to let it go, and let yourself find happiness in the future.

Find Your Happiness

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