How To Separate Your Emotions From Your Investment


As an entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is passion. Without passion, you wouldn’t have the drive for success or the courage for taking risks necessary to rise to the top. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to navigate the fine line between using your passion as a key motivator and letting your emotions get in the way of your success. But with these three tips, you can learn to keep your emotions in check when it comes to achieving your investment goals.

  • Don’t Lose Your Perspective

One of the biggest ways to prevent yourself from achieving your investment goals is to lose sight of your perspective. It’s not uncommon to become so involved in what you’re doing that you react in the moment, without taking time to remove yourself from the situation and assess your emotions. If you are quick to let your emotions take hold, you can likely assume that you’re starting to lose perspective – even if it’s just a minor event.   Unfortunately, letting your emotions take hold and losing your perspective creates  a false illusion of importance around whatever issue you’re dealing with and can truly hinder your success.

Combat this loss of perspective by reframing the way you think. Remind yourself daily that you don’t have control over every little thing that happens, but you do have control over the way you choose to react. This will take time and practice, but with some mental training you can learn to catch yourself at points where you would typically get upset or emotional and turn them into productive situations where you can strive.

  • Don’t Give Away Your Power

Consider this: any time you lose control and act on your emotions rather than logic, you’re essentially giving away some of your power to whomever, or whatever is prompting the situation. Simply put, you’re letting the person or thing take charge of your feelings. Control your feelings and emotions by visualizing your power as a physical object that gets smaller and smaller each time you give some away by being overly emotional. If you place value on this visualization, and truly consider your power as a physical thing, you are less likely to give it away by overly involving your emotions next time something irks you.

  • Understand Different Personality Types

Being an entrepreneur means that you need to understand different personality types and use what you know to better work with others. By understanding the varying personalities you encounter, you’ll be able to use experience and knowledge to best deal with the person – regardless of the situation. And if things start to get complicated, you can use your understanding of different types of people rather than reacting based on your emotions.

By understanding how different personalities operate, you can learn not to take things personally, which is where a lot of conflict develops in the first place. In tense situations, it’s easy to mistake someone else’s comment or opinion as a personal attack, or interpret that someone’s emotions are directed specifically at you. However, by understanding how others work, you can stop this way of thinking and instead use it to benefit you in the work environment.

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