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The ZEROREZ® Commitment to Service

When consumers are seeking carpet cleaning companies in their area, they are searching for brands they know they can trust. ZEROREZ® is on a mission to become the most trusted provider in the industry, and to get there, we focus on providing the highest levels of service to our customers. We are looking for commercial cleaning franchise owners who are dedicated to helping us achieve our goals.

What Makes Us Different From Other Carpet Cleaning Companies?

To be the best in any industry, you need to offer a product that sets you apart, and the service to go with it. ZEROREZ® does both. Our patented cleaning technology introduces customers to The Right Way to Clean® and does not expose them to any harmful chemicals. Our Empowered Water™ acts like a detergent to remove more soils and stains without leaving behind any soil attracting residue.


When it comes to service, our commercial cleaning franchise owners each carry a set of values that they pass on to their teams. Customers who hire ZEROREZ® for their home or office can expect:


  • Trust: We will earn your trust by providing the highest quality of customer service, and cleaning results that you will love. Our 30-day ‘Gotta-love-it’ Guarantee™ ensures that if you are not happy with any areas we cleaned, we will return to make it right for you.
  • Consistency: Our approach to cleaning is consistent every time, and with every customer. Though we may update equipment, our process will remain the same, with the end goal to make sure your carpets and hard surfaces are taken care of with The Right Way to Clean®.
  • Loyalty: Our levels of customer service earn our customers’ return business, time and time again.
  • Open Dialogue: We encourage you to have an open dialogue with your cleaning technician. If you have questions about the service performed, the price, or a spot you are unhappy with, we ask that you discuss it with us so we can ensure you are completely satisfied.

Experience the ZEROREZ® Difference

When you are searching for a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, ZEROREZ® is committed to providing service you can trust. When you are ready to experience higher quality cleaning service, contact ZEROREZ®!