Carpet cleaning business franchise

Looking for a Carpet Cleaning Business Franchise? Consider the Company Changing the Industry


ZEROREZ® is on a mission to revolutionize the market by introducing consumers to the Right Way to Clean®. Our patented cleaning process features the use of Empowered Water™ which acts like a detergent to lift soil and stains from the carpet fibers without the use of toxic chemicals. This leaves the customer with carpets that stay cleaner longer, and dry quicker. Looking for a carpet cleaning business franchise? ZEROREZ® is seeking franchise partners that share our vision of becoming the most trusted provider in the industry.

Choose the Smarter Carpet Cleaning Business Franchise

Not only do we teach our customers about the Right Way to Clean® carpets and other household surfaces, we also teach our franchise owners the right way to treat customers. Our laser focused attention to detail and caring customer service is what is propelling our company to make a change in the industry.


As a franchise owner, you can expect to benefit from:

  • Continuous Training
  • Personal Support
  • World Class Marketing Coaching
  • Nationally Recognized Brand
  • Revolutionary Cleaning Technology


By providing our carpet cleaning business franchise owners with all the tools and resources they need to be successful, they are quickly becoming leaders in their industry.

Rise Above the Competition

Most traditional cleaning companies will use a method of hot water extraction and using toxic or harmful chemicals that get left behind in the carpets as a soil-attracting residue. This residue makes carpets become dirtier faster and often leads to unsatisfied customers. If you are looking to help make a big change in a poorly-served industry, we need you!


It is the mission of ZEROREZ®  to revolutionize our industry. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies that use toxic chemicals in their cleaning process, ZEROREZ® has perfected our patented cleaning system that features Empowered Water™ to act like a detergent on the molecular level, yet not leave any soil-attracting residue behind. This process leaves carpets looking cleaner for longer, and lessens the time it takes for carpets to dry. With this revolutionary cleaning method, we are introducing our customers to The Right Way to Clean®.

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Our top priority is helping each franchisee achieve their goals. We do this by ensuring they have all the tools and resources needed to be successful in their endeavors. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning business franchise, it’s time to see how ZEROREZ® can help you achieve your goals.