Carpet Cleaning Franchise for Sale

Looking for a Carpet Cleaning Franchise for Sale? Consider the Stand Out Brand

With over 40,000 carpet cleaning companies in the industry, it is hard to stand out amidst the crowd. Most traditional companies use a hot water extraction method of cleaning, and most consumers have come to think this is the only way. This method requires toxic chemicals which leave behind soil-attracting residue.  Other options don’t clean thoroughly either, due to over wetting or just cleaning the visible surface.


ZEROREZ® has found a way to differentiate ourselves by introducing customers to our revolutionary way of cleaning. We do not use toxic chemicals or detergents that attract more soil in our cleaning process. Instead, we feature the use of Empowered Water™ which acts like a detergent to remove soils and stains from the carpet. This truly green method of cleaning is what sets us apart from our competition and is attracting entrepreneurs looking for a carpet cleaning franchise for sale.

Will a Carpet Cleaning Franchise Help You Achieve Your Dreams?

Many entrepreneurs know that franchising makes sense as long as it gives you a proven roadmap to success. As a ZEROREZ franchise owner, you are never left on your own when it comes to the important business decisions. Instead, you will benefit from:


  • Continuous Training
  • Personal Support
  • World Class Marketing Coaching
  • Nationally Recognized Brand
  • Revolutionary Cleaning Technology


Just as the old cliche says, franchising allows you to “Be in business for yourself…not by yourself!”

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Franchise

The carpet cleaning industry consists of thousands of undifferentiated operators, many of whom have no corporate backing, no corporate oversight, little consistency and high personnel turnover. In fact, this industry boasts over $15 billion in annual revenues, and no single brand claims more than 2 percent market share. ZEROREZ® is on a mission to revolutionize the industry, and we are continually seeking franchise partners who hold our vision of becoming the most trusted provider in the industry.


Searching for a Carpet Cleaning Franchise for Sale? Talk to Us First!

Our franchise owners are becoming leaders in the industry and experiencing increasing levels of success. If you are seeking for a carpet cleaning franchise for sale, you owe it to yourself to find out how ZEROREZ® can help you achieve your dreams.