5 Ways Your Business Can Beat the Winter Blues

Have the winter blues left your business feeling down? Do you and your employees need a cold-weather pick-me-up?

Check out these top five ways you can banish the blues and get your employees happy and back on track to growing your business!

1- Take Your Employees on an Excursion

Nothing beats a fresh-air excursion for building camaraderie among employees. By busting out of the rut and getting into a nature or a new location for an afternoon, each of you will have the much needed opportunity to decompress and get to know each other outside the office environment.

Some fun winter ideas are:

  • Snowshoeing to a mountain peak to watch the sun rise or set
  • Ice skating at an outdoor rink
  • Sampling a variety of food truck fare
  • Photowalking around a downtown block
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

2- Go Toward the Light

Fluorescent lighting is flattering for no one. Opt to open up the blinds and move the office furniture toward the natural light streaming in through the windows. Wash the windows and encourage employees to take a few minutes each day to just sit and relax in the sunlight, soaking up the feel-good vitamin d. Doing so will help to decrease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and enhance mood-boosting serotonin.

3- Go on a Decluttering Mission

Move spring cleaning up a couple of months and declutter during the winter instead. Clear out desk drawers, supply closets, bookshelves, and storage boxes. Throw out the trash. Recycle the recyclables. Donate what you don’t need.

Making a clean start for the new year will help you to be more productive and will make you feel great, too.

4- Make Company-Wide New Year’s Resolutions

Individuals make personal New Year’s resolutions so why shouldn’t your company make a few of them as well? Order lunch and brainstorm as a group any goals that would be great to work toward together.

Some examples of goals are:

  • Expand into a burgeoning market
  • Create a more welcoming office
  • Increase “green” efforts
  • Improve customer service

Whatever resolutions are decided on, make sure they are realistic, specific, and, measurable. Keep track of your office’s progress throughout the year and celebrate any accomplishments.

5- Work on a New Business Idea

Have you been mulling over a new business idea for a while now? Well, this is your chance to stop daydreaming and start working.

Do you know of a way to make your product more useful? Are you envisioning broader appeal? Can something be made for less? Do you see a need that you can fill?

Whatever the idea, hash out the details to your project. Do your research. Then, get the support you need to make your idea become a successful reality.

By keeping busy and happy, your business will not only get through the winter blues, but will thrive through them.
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Carpet Cleaning Craze: 5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know

how to start a carpet cleaning business

When you think of cleaning carpets, what first comes to mind? Do you think about the copious amounts of pet hair just waiting to be sucked from the throngs of carpet threads or the mysterious stains blotted from room to room? Do you dread about momentous task that lies before you or look forward to the relaxing repetitiveness of the vacuum cleaner’s whizzing pur?

Whether you despise cleaning carpets or find solace in the task, these five fun, unknown facts are sure to give you a different outlook on the entire endeavor.

1. Light, bright… and salty?

Take a look at your carpet: does it look bright and fresh or tracked-out and dull? An interesting and effective way to make your carpet’s color shine is to sprinkle a thin layer of table salt onto the carpet’s surface. Let the salt sit for an hour or more before running the vacuum over the carpet.

2. A Latin Love Language

The word “carpet” is a product of the Latin term carpere which means “to pluck”. During the time when carpet gained popularity, fibers had to be plucked, grabbed, and pulled in order for the carpet to have the fuzzy, soft feel. Carpet also shares the root carpere with the Latin phrase Carpe Diem which means to “seize (or grab/pluck) the day.”

3. Ancient Threads

Believe it or not, there is carpet in existence today that is over 2,000 years old; no that’s not a typo and yes, you read it correctly. This carpet, called Pazyryk, was found in a Scythian tomb in Siberia nearly eight decades ago. If the Siberians found a way to keep their carpets in good condition for thousands of years, there are surely ways in which you can make your carpet last, too.

4. Stain Removers Or Protectors?

Take a trip to your local grocery or hardware store, and you’ll find dozens of different, brightly-packaged stain removers all claiming to fight even the toughest stains. What many of these products aren’t advertising however, is that along with stain-fighting solvents, there are also often protectants included in the solution. While hiring the help of a professional cleaning company can often tackle these stubborn stains in a safe, efficient manner, there are several at-home solutions you can use that will also do the trick. Consider this simple procedure:

  • In a spray bottle, combine 1 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 cup of warm water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Vacuum the stained area and use the rough side of a sponge to gently wipe the area. Generously spray the stain with the solution and gently rub or dab with a clean towel, working the solution into the stain until it is entirely dissolved.

5. More Than The Eye Can See

Did you know that your carpet is designed to hide approximately one pound of dirt per square yard before dirt starts to appear? While this does have its conveniences, it also means that your carpet is much dirtier than you think. Experts recommend vacuuming your home once a week and having your carpets professionally cleaned every year to year and a half.

With the importance and relevance of carpet cleaning on the up and up, there’s no better time than now to start your own carpet cleaning business. Invest in a ZEROREZ Franchise today and discover what it’s like to own and operate your own carpet cleaning company.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail the Most


Starting your own business can be scary, especially when you’re a new entrepreneur. If you’re like most business owners, the realization of this life-long dream often requires most, if not all, of your time, money, and anything else you have to give. Here are 3 of the most common reasons businesses fail, and what you can do to prevent a loss on your investment.  

1. Failure in Leadership

Without strong leadership, your business is destined to fail. A breakdown in leadership, particularly at the highest levels, can have a devastating effect on your business, leaving employees lost and confused with no direction. Even public disagreements within the leadership of your business can result in problems that will ultimately lead to your business’ demise.

Make sure communication between everyone is strong, and that the leaders, especially at the top, are all on the same page about policies, procedures, and any other important factors in your business.

2. Bad Money Management

If your finances are managed poorly, there is no way you can expect your business to succeed, or really last long at all. It is important to make sure your product is properly priced to ensure you’re actually making money off of it, and that the money you’re making is properly accounted for. A few bad deals and lack of planning with your money will quickly leave your business bankrupt and you scrambling to find a new occupation.

3. Ignoring Customer Feedback

Like the saying goes, “the customer is king”. It’s important to consider your customer in every business decision you make. If you start implementing new practices and policies without taking into account how each of these changes affects your customers, even the most loyal customers are likely to stop doing business with you.

When your customers offer you feedback, listen. Rather than being offended or upset by what your customer thinks you are doing wrong, take their opinion as an opportunity to better your company, and make sure you’re doing everything possible to improve the customer experience. Remember—without customers, you don’t have anyone to buy your products or service, and without that, you don’t have a business.   

Help Your Business Succeed

Whether you own a floor cleaning franchise or another small business, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep your investment safe and your business running strong. At Zerorez, we are experts in franchising, and we have the resources you need to help create a thriving business.

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How To Separate Your Emotions From Your Investment


As an entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is passion. Without passion, you wouldn’t have the drive for success or the courage for taking risks necessary to rise to the top. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to navigate the fine line between using your passion as a key motivator and letting your emotions get in the way of your success. But with these three tips, you can learn to keep your emotions in check when it comes to achieving your investment goals.

  • Don’t Lose Your Perspective

One of the biggest ways to prevent yourself from achieving your investment goals is to lose sight of your perspective. It’s not uncommon to become so involved in what you’re doing that you react in the moment, without taking time to remove yourself from the situation and assess your emotions. If you are quick to let your emotions take hold, you can likely assume that you’re starting to lose perspective – even if it’s just a minor event.   Unfortunately, letting your emotions take hold and losing your perspective creates  a false illusion of importance around whatever issue you’re dealing with and can truly hinder your success.

Combat this loss of perspective by reframing the way you think. Remind yourself daily that you don’t have control over every little thing that happens, but you do have control over the way you choose to react. This will take time and practice, but with some mental training you can learn to catch yourself at points where you would typically get upset or emotional and turn them into productive situations where you can strive.

  • Don’t Give Away Your Power

Consider this: any time you lose control and act on your emotions rather than logic, you’re essentially giving away some of your power to whomever, or whatever is prompting the situation. Simply put, you’re letting the person or thing take charge of your feelings. Control your feelings and emotions by visualizing your power as a physical object that gets smaller and smaller each time you give some away by being overly emotional. If you place value on this visualization, and truly consider your power as a physical thing, you are less likely to give it away by overly involving your emotions next time something irks you.

  • Understand Different Personality Types

Being an entrepreneur means that you need to understand different personality types and use what you know to better work with others. By understanding the varying personalities you encounter, you’ll be able to use experience and knowledge to best deal with the person – regardless of the situation. And if things start to get complicated, you can use your understanding of different types of people rather than reacting based on your emotions.

By understanding how different personalities operate, you can learn not to take things personally, which is where a lot of conflict develops in the first place. In tense situations, it’s easy to mistake someone else’s comment or opinion as a personal attack, or interpret that someone’s emotions are directed specifically at you. However, by understanding how others work, you can stop this way of thinking and instead use it to benefit you in the work environment.

If you want to shine in the floor cleaning franchise industry, visit ZEROREZ to learn how to be a more effective entrepreneur.  

A Clean Home is a Happy Home


Messes and clutter can easily accumulate in your home amid your busy work and family schedules. It may seem easier to ignore housework until a more opportune time, but the piles of dishes and laundry are actually having a negative effect on all other aspects of your life. Staying on top of household chores will make you and your family happier and healthier.

  1. Live with Less Stress and Anxiety

Cortisol, the stress hormone, accumulates all day at work and will naturally decline when you return to a restorative and relaxing home. When you have a long list of to-do’s and piles of clutter waiting for you when you get home, your cortisol levels remain elevated which can take a hard mental and physical toll on your body. Start a daily chore calendar in order to complete small tasks every day which allow for both a clean house and proper time to relax.

  1. Make Healthier Eating Decisions

Having an unclean kitchen full of dirty dishes can prevent you from cooking dinner and stress can cause your brain to seek comforting foods as opposed to healthy food alternatives. Tidy up your surroundings to boost your mental health and encourage nutritious food choices for you and your family.

  1. Prevent Allergies

Allergies keeping your motivation down? Dander, germs, and dust mites that are living in your unclean carpets could be the cause behind your allergy symptoms. Getting your carpets cleaned with harsh chemicals could also keep you wheezing and sneezing. Eliminate allergens without pumping toxins into the air by choosing revolutionary green technology to clean your carpets.

  1. Stick to your Workouts

It can be hard to commit to a workout schedule when your house is in desperate need of cleaning. You can use your short-term goal setting skills to not only keep your house in an orderly fashion, but to stick to a weekly fitness agenda. When your mornings and evenings aren’t filled with house-cleaning tasks, you’re available and able to keep on track with your exercise plan.

  1. Find a Healthy Balance

Keeping your home clean is healthy and can improve your satisfaction with life, but becoming too obsessed with a spotless home will only increase your levels of stress and anxiety. Focusing on cleaning up once or twice a week, with maybe some spot-cleaning in between, should be enough to create a healthy balance between working, cleaning, and relaxing.

Make your happy place your home by devoting a few hours a week to keeping your home tidy. If you’re interested in learning more about green carpet cleaning alternatives, or if you’re curious about opening up your own cleaning franchise, check out all that Zeroez has to offer.

A 7 Step Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness


The path to happiness can appear long and hard. If you’re struggling to find more happiness in your life, you can make a change for the better today. The path to get there isn’t as long and hard as you might have thought. Here are 7 things you can start doing today to help you lead a happier and healthier life right now.

1. Write It Down

Spend time every day writing down your thoughts and feelings. There is something therapeutic in taking the time to write these things down, and doing so has proven to make people happier and even help improve one’s health.

2. Look Beyond Yourself

When you’re feeling sad or unhappy, one of the best things you can do is step outside of yourself and do some good. Performing service for others allows you to focus on someone else for a while, instead of dwelling on yourself. Benefits of service extend beyond feeling good about yourself; it’s good for your health, too.

3. Be Grateful

Take the time every day to think about what you’re grateful for. Once you train your mind to look for these things, it becomes easier to find them, even in stressful circumstances. Consider keeping a gratitude journal just for expressing thanks, or including things you’re grateful for in your daily journaling.

4. Find Your Meaning

Many people find looking through old photographs to be beneficial in helping them gain perspective and find their meaning. Think back on your past experiences and how they’ve shaped you into who you are. Understanding where you’ve been can help you determine where you’re headed, and keep you more resilient when minor setbacks occur in life.

5. Do Something Awesome

Take a walk through the autumn leaves, climb a mountain and take in the view, sing a powerful hymn with your church choir—anything that leaves you in awe will help you realize just how lucky you are to be alive and how amazing life is. Whether it’s standing on the beach with your toes in the sand, sitting in a library surrounded by the smell of leather-bound books, or shuttering along the train tracks as you travel the countryside, find a place that inspires you and go there.  

6. Give Up Something You Enjoy

It’s easy to become jaded when you have constant access to something you enjoy, so consider giving it up for a week. Love the taste of chocolate or a nice, cold Diet Coke? Giving up one thing that you love for a week will make you appreciate it more and renew its positive affects on you.

7. Let It Go

You can’t change the past, so stop dwelling on it. Looking back won’t allow you to move forward, and you can’t find happiness unless you move beyond past sorrows and regrets. Make the decision to let it go, and let yourself find happiness in the future.

Find Your Happiness

Are you feeling ready to let go of past and present unhappiness? Zerorez owners are some of the happiest people around because they have the opportunity to be their own boss and have found great purpose in their lives.

Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to open your own Zerorez franchise.

Accomplish More with These 8 Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder


Many entrepreneurs excel at accomplishing so much while others struggle to mark one thing off their to-do list, and yet everyone has the same 24-hours-per-day to work with. Why are some people so much more productive?

Productivity is partly effort, but mostly efficiency. Utilize these 8 tips to get more done every day by working smarter rather than harder.

  1. Put Your Hardest Work First

Beat procrastination by starting your most difficult or daunting task first and don’t deviate from that task. When you take on your biggest challenge first thing in the morning, you will feel clear-minded and accomplished the rest of that day.

Only approach tasks one at a time and finish it to completion so that there are no loose ends to tie up by the end of the day.

  1. Delegate or Outsource

You can’t do everything by yourself. When you truly have too much on your plate, consider delegating or outsourcing tasks. Prioritize what is most important for you to do personally (based on your strengths) and delegate the rest to partners and team members. Building that trust through delegation and outsourcing allows you the ability to tackle larger jobs in the future and grow your business.

  1. Get Email Under Control

Email is necessary, but can also be very distracting. Set aside a specific time each day for emails so you can quickly check and respond only to urgent matters before closing your email for the rest of the day. You’ll be amazed at how productive you can be when you’re not a slave to your inbox!

  1. Use Technology to Automate and Streamline

Make emails even more streamlined by identifying an auto response to answer frequently asked questions. Setup your filters to automatically sort and prioritize your emails so your time is not spent digging through your inbox. Create alerts and notifications for updates on important clients without having to check your email.

  1. Know When to Say “No”

Don’t suffer increased stress and burnout just because you’re too afraid to admit when your task list is full. Assert yourself and have the confidence to say no when asked to take on a new project. Spreading yourself too thin can lead to poor performance so knowing and expressing your limits allows you to focus on doing quality work.

  1. Focus

Multitasking can kill productivity. Choose your projects carefully and purposefully so that you can devote time and focus until a single task is complete. Then you’ll be able to move on to the next task and give it the attention it deserves.

  1. Give Yourself A Break

Maintain your momentum on tasks by regularly scheduling breaks into your routine. Focusing too long on one thing can contribute to small mistakes and burnout. Refresh and revitalize by stepping away from your work and returning with rested eyes.

  1. Use Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Prepare for your future today by choosing to open a franchise. Starting your own business under the umbrella of an already well-established brand, a proven structure for success, and a support strategy in place allows you to rapidly accelerate from new business owner to successful entrepreneur with significantly less work, stress, or trial and error cycles.

If you’re looking for a lucrative opportunity in which to devote your focus, consider opening a franchise in a bustling carpet cleaning industry. Check out why Zerorez is a franchise worthy of your focus, and learn why we are the leading franchise choice for driven individuals.

Top 7 Reasons to Become a Franchise Owner

Is the fear of failure keeping you stuck in a mundane job that you no longer enjoy? The time has never been better to scratch some “what-ifs” off your list and begin a career where you are finally in control. Here are 7 reasons why 2016 is your year to become a franchise owner.


  1. If Not Now, When?

Stop procrastinating and making excuses. Every year you wait is another year wasted with minimal earnings, little to no vacation days, and no growth in your current position. Ease your fears, grow your skills, and minimize risk by opening a franchise with a trusted, established brand and excellent revenue potential. A ZEROREZ® franchise will provide you with the support you need to build the future you want.


  1. You’re the Owner, but You’re Not Alone

When you open a franchise with ZEROREZ®, you have a proven system in place to ensure that you have all the support and resources you need to establish a thriving company in your area. Build the excitement by introducing the potential of a successful, thriving lifestyle as a ZEROREZ® franchisee.


  1. Feel Secure in the Economy

While many industries are reliant on a healthy economy, everybody needs their carpets cleaned even when the economy is in the toilet, right? The carpet cleaning industry will only continue its steady growth rate due to an increased demand for green cleaning. The sooner you join, the more you’ll have to gain.


  1. Regain Your Drive and Motivation

Feel driven to follow your passion of owning your own business. You will feel motivated to succeed when you are putting in all the work and watching your ideas come to fruition. This drive and motivation will quickly transform into fulfillment and pride which will continue to push you forward.


  1. Opportunity to Learn

Even if you have zero experience in the industry, ZEROREZ® has an unrivaled support system and comprehensive training. A 2-week training program will provide you as a new franchise owner with all the tools and resources necessary to launch a strong business and be a successful leader.


  1. No More Doubt

With ZEROREZ®’s proven market strategies and a network of franchise owners, you will undoubtedly find success which will validate your choice to invest in yourself. When you realize your own potential as a franchise owner, you will no longer have the need to doubt your business decisions.


  1. Do It All Again!

No matter the outcome, you will have learned so much from your experience of following your dreams to have control over your life and do what you love. In franchise ownership, the world is your oyster, or in this case, carpet-cleaning business and whether you grow that franchise into multiple locations or start a whole new one, there is no limit.


Rewrite the next chapter of your life as a successful ZEROREZ® franchise owner. Discover more about the simple steps to owning a ZEROREZ® franchise by signing up for more information today.

ZEROREZ of Minnesota



September 2016 marks a big milestone for ZEROREZ; for the past decade, this carpet cleaning franchise leader has provided residents throughout the Twin Cities metro area with a fresh, new take on carpet cleaning.

The Rise of ZEROREZ in Minnesota

In 2006, co-owners Michael Kaplan and Jim Hoag decided to launch a carpet cleaning business that got the job done the right way; with eco-friendly products that left carpet clean and soft. The team’s patented cleaning technology, Empowered Water, eliminates the need for harsh soaps, shampoos, and detergents, unlike traditional cleaning systems that left carpets with a soapy, sticky residue that attracts dirt rather than repels it.

With this revolutionary system, ZEROREZ has managed to grow a vast following of devout customers throughout Minnesota. Today, exactly 10 years later, ZEROREZ of Minnesota has cleaned more than 1,000,000 rooms of carpeting. To put this in perspective, ZEROREZ has cleaned and sanitized enough carpet to stretch a one-foot swatch all the way around the globe.  

The ZEROREZ Difference

ZEROREZ has grown to be a leader in the franchise industry for two key reasons:

  1. The company was established on several core values, one of the most important being “Team is Family.” From franchise owners to franchise workers, every ZEROREZ employee goes the extra mile to support one another and the community they serve. ZEROREZ is a key sponsor for the Humane Society Walk for Animals and is frequently involved in local happenings like school fundraisers. Hoag and Kaplan go beyond what’s normally expected of a community business to show their care and appreciation for employees. This kindness and caring is reflected in the services that each ZEROREZ customer receives and welcomes prospective franchise owners to join the ZEROREZ family.
  2. ZEROREZ opposes the traditional cleaning methods of combining hot water and soaps or detergents and instead uses the patented, soap-free Empowered Water. Empowered Water is applied via a high-pressure sprayer on hard surfaces like stone, stainless steel, and granite as well as soft surfaces like carpet fibers, upholstery, and even leather. This powerful cleaner releases embedded soils while simultaneously cleaning the surfaces by removing extracted dirt and debris. The carpet then dries quickly and without any soil-attracting residue.

Becoming A ZEROREZ Franchisee

As Hoag and Kaplan did ten years ago in Minnesota, you can do in your community today. Become a ZEROREZ franchisee and discover what it’s like to make a difference in the lives of customers in your area. Visit ZEROREZ today to learn more.

Cleaning Industry Critical Stats and Trends in 2016




Have you wanted to own your own business but are turned away by high start-up costs, lack of experience, or even fear of failing? If so, investing in a franchise is the perfect option for you. Not only does buying a franchise come with benefits like ongoing operational and marketing support, risk avoidance, and lower industry costs, investing in a franchise means you’ll be backed by instant brand recognition that produces successful results.

If you think buying a franchise is the right opportunity for you, consider investing in the carpet cleaning industry. As one of the leading franchise establishments in the US, the cleaning industry is expected to have stellar growth and success in 2016 and following years – making this the perfect time to start your career as a franchise owner.

Check out the following stats and trends that are making waves in the carpet cleaning industry in 2016.

4 Stats That Reflect Carpet Cleaning’s Bright Future

  • The U.S. carpet cleaning industry is massive; more than 38,384 businesses employ roughly 69,149 people.
  • The carpet cleaning industry has consistently grown at a 1.9% rate – that’s more than the leading entities in the fast food business.
  • In 2015, the industry generated $51 billion in revenue – making it one of the most substantial bounce-backs after the 2008 recession.
  • On a yearly average, homeowners lay more than 10 billion square feet of carpet, which accounts for roughly 51% of the total flooring market in the US.

4 Carpet Cleaning Trends To Watch For In 2016

  • Experts predict that the cleaning industry as a whole will grow at a 4.3% rate between 2016 and 2020 – that’s almost twice as fast as it’s been growing in years past and sets the industry up for an expected $60 billion in revenue by the end of 2016.
  • The carpet cleaning industry is one of the most accessible branches for business investment because of a low level of market share, low capital investment requirements, and high demand in both the commercial sector and private homes. Watch for the growth of independent carpet cleaning companies and reputable franchises.
  • In 2016 and the coming years, the cleaning industry – carpet cleaning in particular – will benefit from the increased amount of average expendable funds. This rising per capita will make consumers more inclined to spend money on yearly services like carpet cleaning.
  • Because the industry is historically competitive, franchises and independent companies will implement specialty cleaning services that help differentiate themselves from competitors. Zerorez, for example, uses green patented cleaning technology to give us a different and competitive edge.

Getting Started

As you can see, the carpet cleaning industry’s past success and promising future make now the best time to invest in a franchise. Join the Zerorez Revolution today and become the successful business owner you’ve dreamed of. Visit the Zerorez website to learn more about who Zerorez is, why the Zerorez brand is right for you, and how you can become a franchise leader.