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Who is the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI)?

The Carpet & Rug Institute’s sole purpose is to educate consumers about health benefits and environmental factors during the purchase phase of carpet installation and equipment or cleaning purchases. The initiatives led by the institute are meant to lead to smarter buying choices, by guiding consumers to purchases that will provide better air quality, and increase the lifespan of the carpet.

The CRI’s Seal of Approval Program measures the effectiveness of cleaning equipment and processes used by carpet cleaning business franchise owners across the nation. The results of these tests influence the decisions of both consumers and manufacturers and leads to cleaner, healthier carpets with a longer lifespan.


How is the Effectiveness of Carpet Cleaning Systems Tested?

The CRI partnered with scientists at NASA to create the most advanced Seal of Approval program possible. Each carpet cleaning business franchise that submits to testing is being evaluated on these 7 criteria:


  • How effective is the product or process at removing soil and stains?
  • How quickly does the cleaned sample become re-soiled?
  • How much residual moisture is left in the carpet after the cleaning process?
  • Does the cleaning process leave the carpet minimally changed after multiple cleanings?
  • Does the cleaning process cause a color change in the carpet fibers?
  • Is the pH level between 4 and 10 on a pH scale?
  • Does the product contain optical brighteners? None are allowed for certification.


Testing on these levels ensures consumers get the most out of their carpet investment, manufacturers know what they can improve to make more effective products, and carpet cleaning professionals who obtain certification are able to attract more customers, and stand out against the competition.


What Does it Mean When a Carpet Cleaning Business Franchise is Platinum Rated with the CRI?

A carpet cleaning business franchise that takes the time to have their process evaluated by the CRI is a company that means business. ZEROREZ® is Platinum certified by the CRI- the highest rating available. Our cleaning process measured up to the high standards and is considered extremely safe for carpets and consumers.

If you have been searching for a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, consider the carpet cleaning franchise that is revolutionizing the industry.