Zerorez® was founded as a solution to the carpet cleaning industry’s biggest challenge: get carpets clean without the use of toxic or harsh chemicals and extend the life of the carpet.

The Beginnings…

Founders Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins didn’t intend to be in the carpet cleaning industry. In fact, the two met in Montana where they were involved in the oil & gas industry and eventually opened their own company in Houston, Texas. However, when the oil market crashed in the late 1980’s, they found themselves starting over.

From that point, the two continued their business relationship at a property management company where they managed over 3,000 apartment units. Their biggest frustration was keeping the carpets clean for their residents. They found carpet was their largest expense next to payroll, and after trying all the major carpet cleaning brands available and still having to replace the carpets, they knew there must be a better way to clean.

With their background in the oil & gas industry, they found the problem with the way carpet cleaning companies were cleaning carpets. By using soaps and detergents and then attempting to extract them from the carpet with hot water, 30% of those detergents were being left behind. This residue would only attract more dirt and debris making it nearly impossible to achieve a true clean. Upon this discovery, the two set out to make a change in the carpet cleaning industry that would provide a true ‘green’ clean for their customers.

Enter the Carpet Industry

After significant research activities, Zerorez® was founded in 2001 using a revolutionary technology that would change the way the industry sees “clean.” The founders developed a cleaning system that does not rely on the use of toxic chemicals, but instead utilizes the technology of patented Empowered Water™, a water-based cleaning agent that produces a superior result without leaving soil attracting residue behind. Zerorez® worked with carpet mills, and the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) and became the first company that could achieve a Platinum Rating for our cleaning system.

in 2003, as the Zerorez® brand continued to grow and develop, we were able to offer our concept as a carpet cleaning franchise, for sale across the nation. The company grew even in the face of economic downturn, and consumers began to turn to us for a toxic free solution to their carpet cleaning needs. Our vision is to remove toxicity from the cleaning processes in homes and businesses by providing a system that prolongs the life of your carpets.