Marketing Support

The first question asked when considering a carpet cleaning services franchise is “how will I get customers and compete against every other carpet cleaning franchise in my market?” The answer is simple with Zerorez®.

Zerorez® has developed a revolutionary method for cleaning carpet and other living surfaces that stands out from other outdated and ineffective cleaning processes. No more spraying of harsh chemicals or toxic detergents and then soaking the entire carpet and pad to remove dirt. No more soil attracting residue left behind to make the carpets dirtier faster. Instead, Zerorez® uses a patented water-based cleaning method that removes dirt without the use of any harsh chemicals. Because of this method, there is no soil-attracting residue left behind, making carpets stay cleaner longer. This method puts us miles ahead of other cleaning franchises.

Make Your Marketing Dollars Work For You

Because of our revolutionary cleaning process, we have something different to offer the carpet cleaning industry and stand apart from the competition. Since we realize this alone will not have customers blowing up your phone lines, we provide our franchise owners with the marketing support and tools they need to get their carpet cleaning services franchise off the ground. Our marketing team will help you put your marketing dollars to work by providing:

  • Rights to using the tagline “The Right Way To Clean®,” along with other protected marks, and the Zerorez® brand within your own exclusive territory
  • A corporate identity package that includes promotional materials
  • A strong online presence, complete with a customized territory specific website optimized for search engines, graphic design, and website maintenance
  • Marketing training which includes strategies to take the guesswork out of finding new clients for your business
  • Assistance in setting up your mobile units with proprietary Zerorez branding
  • A resource rich marketing tools portal for further assistance

Our marketing strategies have been put to the test, and proven to work so that you can get the most out of each dollar spent. Our carpet cleaning services franchise opportunities allow you to be a part of changing the industry and introducing your customers to The Right Way To Clean®.