As we continually strive to become the most trusted provider in our industry, we need franchise owners and regional developers who can see our vision and help us accomplish that goal.  If you’ve decided that ZEROREZ® is your answer to how to start a carpet cleaning business, it’s time to talk about territories. Carpet cleaning franchise opportunities with ZEROREZ® are available in many territories across the United States.

Franchise Territory

The ZEROREZ® franchise territory is based on population data from the most recent census. Each territory can accommodate up to 300,000 in population and is expected to begin with one ZEROREZ® mobile unit and build from that point as a franchise owner begins to gain market share. Currently, the following territories are already in existence:

If your target area is still available, continue on to learn more about the investment in a ZEROREZ® franchise.

Regional Developers

ZEROREZ® carpet cleaning franchise opportunities are unique due to the fact that we offer two paths to small business ownership. If you choose to become a Regional Developer, you will be expected to begin with 3 or more mobile units, and build out according to our specified development schedule. The result of following this schedule will be one mobile unit per 100,000 persons in the assigned area.

Regional Developers work in a designated market area that typically exceeds 1 million in population. Currently there are 210 designated market areas across the nation.

If this path more accurately reflects how you want to start a carpet cleaning business, continue on to learn more about the investment, and market areas available.